Big cup size sufferers

Hi all, I've been cursed with an F cup, just wondering how all you lovely buxom ladies get on with exercise n the likes.

I've lost 2 stone, yet mine haven't shrunk yet.. grrr... looking more and more like a fake barbie doll each day.


  • sahead710
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    Oh my gosh so glad someone else gets it, I'm a DDD and I cannot run but right now I'm power walking/elliptical and doing free weights and weight machines! Haven't lost any weight but I've definitely gained muscle.
    I doubt mine will shrink I just hope they're proportional when I get down to my goal weight! Good luck with yours girl there are people out here who know your struggle!! :)
  • trudi133
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    I am a DD cup - and dropped to a D - but am now back to a DD yet am down 16 kilos. I bought 3 new bras the other day - all different brands and have to say the Triumph is fabulous. Wide straps, funky colours and really minimises. Add a bra top over for added support. Thats all I got sorry! Good luck with "the girls"! :)
  • amyh1994
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    Feel your pain- H cup, but the last time I got professionally measured was in August, so I think I may have gone down to a GG or possibly a G... I won't be back in my hometown until May though, and I love my bra fitter to pieces so I wouldn't want to get measured anywhere else, haha.

    All I can say is- Panache sports bra. I have four of them and they're the best money I've ever spent.
    LAWNYBEE Posts: 46 Member
    Hurrah, I'm not alone, I can't run as I'll whack my chin or cause a pile up, plus if they bounce they ache.. Glad it's not just me.. shrink you swines, shrink!
  • deenahmistry
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    Hi ladies. For us well endowed ladies make sure you have a proper sports bra. Bravissmo do good fittings for big boobs.
  • amusedmonkey
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    I'm a GG and I found that doubling (or even tripling) on your usual supporting bras works better than the most expensive sports bra. Not the most comfortable, but the most effective. When I run I wear 2 no wire supportive bras, then a wired one on top.
  • charlieandcarol
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    Me too. I was with a PT the other day and he was telling me that I wasn't doing an exercise correctly and I was too embarassed to tell him it was because my breasts were in the way!!
  • lisaw19855
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    I wonder how I'm going to get on, I'm an E cup and while I've lost 5.5 inches off my waist I've only lost an inch off my bust in back fat. Tried a uk size 14 on and it fits my tummy (not tight but not a flattering fit yet) but my poor boobs were squashed!

    I flatten them in a sports bra when I ride x
  • curlyslim
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    At my heaviest I was a 36FF/G.
    and after losing about 40lbs, I am a 34F, and my God, my boobs are definately not very full and perky, but hey! what can I do?! I still love my body! (even though I am working on 'improvements' LOL).

    Anyway, I don't wear multiple bras, but I do wear Freya sports bra, and shock absorber no.4 (i think), and they have served me fine so far.
  • NoelFigart1
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    Tight bathing suit. (reduces drag...)

    Otherwise, a great sports bra for the landlubber stuff.
  • sahead710
    sahead710 Posts: 74 Member

    Where can I get these bras you guys mentioned? I'm in need of a good sports bra been buying from lane Bryant and they're okay at best, I would love to find a truly good quality sports bra!
  • Lizzy622
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    My poor daughter is DD. Her favorite exercise is aqua aerobics. The water alleviates the stress from the force of gravity.
  • spikrgrl503
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    I'm a 36G. I run every week and play volleyball. I wear sports bras from athleta and it's the best money I've ever spent. I seem to stay the same size, proportionally. I started at a 38F and now I'm "down" to a 36G haha. I know I'll be busty forever and I just deal with it.
  • mitch16
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    A good sports bra is key. I was an F cup and never had to double up. I was a huge fan of the Moving Comfort brand, but Anita makes some good ones, too. has an awesome bra selection, too. I highly suggest seeing a bra fitter to make sure you are in the right size bra to begin with--some bra fitters have a selection of sports bras, but more often than not I had to order online.
  • AddieOverhaul
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    I'm about an E/DD depending on where I get my bras - and that's AFTER losing 30 pounds. I have found that Moving Comfort is a great sports bra (I can even run comfortably in them!) The best place to go for supportive sports bras in my opinion is a running store.
  • giggitygoo
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    A good sports bra, and weight lifting.
  • Zaftique
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    I got on by getting reduction surgery. ;) They're 50% smaller... but still too frickin' big. :\ So I guess it's a toss-up on how effective it'll be. heh.
  • iheartinsanity
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    I was a DDD when I was a runner, and went down to a D after major weight loss. I don't really run anymore (mostly lifting and some 30 minute cardio workouts). I loved Nike bras the best. Though Target has really improved over the years for high impact bras.
  • Chain_Ring
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    Cursed? That's not a curse, that's AWESOME!
  • Alidecker
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    Good sports bra does wonders, right now I am wearing one that has underwire by Wacoal that I really like. Good support and no uniboob, it does the trick for everything but running, then I wear one from Shock Absorber, not near as comfortable, but does the trick.

    I started at a 44H, I lost over 100 pounds and I now wear a 34G. I do spend a lot on the bras, but definitely worth it. I wish the cup size would go down, but not much luck on that.
    Me too. I was with a PT the other day and he was telling me that I wasn't doing an exercise correctly and I was too embarassed to tell him it was because my breasts were in the way!!

    This happens to me sometimes too...and they really get in the way when playing golf.