This is Hard

This is an every day struggle. I have 80 pounds to lose!


  • ROFLwaffle82
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    Never give up. I had 86 to lose and I've lost 45 so far. You can do it.
  • snowflake930
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    It is hard, but you can do this.
    I lost 160 pounds, and I am 63 years old. If I can do it, most anyone can.
    One day at a time and all the bumps and triumphs along the way.

  • I had 40 to lose. I've lost 20 in the first month. Eat healthy. Drink water. It's easy.
  • taunto
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    Don't think of the final goal. I lost my 55 lbs by setting my goal 5 or 10 lbs at a time. Makes it much less stressful. Make small goals, log daily, think of your overall health rather than the scale.
  • prettygirlstorm1
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    I am feeling the exact same way. Winter weather keeps me in the house I have no motivation to go to the gym because I am afraid of driving in the snow. Then I wind up eating too much. I have about 40 to lose. We can do this we just need to take it one day a time. I brought my gym clothes to work, no snow in the forecast for today so I should get a workout in. Feel free to add me as a friend, we can support each other. Good luck to you and you can do it.
  • Capt_Apollo
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    This is an every day struggle. I have 80 pounds to lose!

    it's an every day challenge!! you can do it.

  • Victoriamrs
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    Take it one meal at a time one day at a time one lb at a time. Small steps one after the other and before you know it you will be losing weight. Don't give up. Need support and encouragement feel free to add me. Good luck! :)
  • softblondechick
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    Losing weight is hard.
    Being fat is hard.

    Choose your hard....I pick losing weight!
  • abadvat
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    it is not hard if you want to - long at the most!
  • Losing weight is hard.
    Being fat is hard.

    Choose your hard....I pick losing weight!

    Oh I love that!!! I pick losing weight too!!! This is hard :'( trying to melt off 40 pounds We CAN DO THIS!
  • RNGRZulu
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    Sure it's hard if you're focused only on your long term goal.
    You need to set some daily activity and eating goals. Be proud when you achieve that.
    Then, set some weekly goals. How much exercise can you do in a week. Did you go all week without missing a workout? Did you log all your meals for the week? Did you get your water goals?
    Then look at the scale after a couple of weeks. Don't worry about weighing in every week.

    Also, a must...take before pics and measurements. It is sooooooo helpful to see a difference. Front, side, and back. Then take a look after a month. Go to a gym and get someone to record you BF% with calipers (or use a bodpod if available). Because weight is only one measure and often can be the most misleading.

    Bottom line, to make it more bearable, set short term and mid term goals and, before you know it, you will have taken a huge step toward your ultimate goal.

    Your vision is your long term goal.
    Your strategy is your action plan for eating and working out. Your tactics will be how you execute your action plan. Focus on executing your tactical plan. Measure and assess input frequently. Look at measurable goals along the way. Adjust as needed. Your vision will take care of itself.