V- day fitbit for the wife

My wife asked for a fitbit for christmas. I wasn't able to get one at the time (kids cost a LOT). I was thinking about getting one for V-day but have no clue what to get. Money is still a little bit of an issue so I want to bet my moneys worth. Any Help on what to get would be appreciated. I know next to nothing about them.


  • lyonsdesign
    lyonsdesign Posts: 7 Member
    I don't have one yet but I was looking up prices over the weekend. They had some pretty good prices on eBay.
  • ciscosdad
    ciscosdad Posts: 70 Member
    What features are a must and what did you think was just nice but you found you can't live without?
  • sweedee1218
    sweedee1218 Posts: 98 Member
    How much are you looking to spend? What is the max!
  • mygrl4meee
    mygrl4meee Posts: 943 Member
    I personally suggest fit bit one. It's small. You can read the screen and appears to be accurate. It charges on the computer. You will never need to buy batteries like the cheaper model the zip.
  • WaterBunnie
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    To be honest the Zip will do all you need from it for weight loss and syncing activity with this site. The batteries last around 6 months so recharging isn't an issue. For a little more cash the FitBit One does bring a added edge of luxury and comes with nicer features like a lit display (really handy in low light levels) and it'll count flights of stairs, record sleep sessions or specific exercise sessions, all of which are missing from the Zip. I wouldn't really consider a wrist band due to the fact it's always on show and can catch on things and can be annoying to try to keep it dry and clean. I love my FitBit One and would replace with the same model if I needed to.
  • lgoldfarb
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    I have the fitbit one. I wear in on my bra, no one can see it. I love all the features. I sync it to my phone and my fitness pal and gives me extra insight into how I'm progressing during the day and how much I can eat.
  • erindellamore
    erindellamore Posts: 46 Member
    My husband got me the FitBit One for Christmas and it's been the best tool in my weightloss journey so far. The One is more useful than the Zip in my case because I have two sets of stairs in my house and it calculates floors climbed. I am much more adamant on walking up the escalators now and taking the stairs just because I get to see it helping me achieve my daily activity goals. I do wish I had the one you wear on your wrist but I heard they are not quite as accurate with step counting as the One and Zip. Also, another thing the One does vs the Zip is you can attach it to a wrist band to monitor your sleeping behaviors and also charge it via a USB charger instead of a watch battery. The ultimate benefit of the FitBit is the daily readout of total calories you've burned everyday depending on your activity, or lack thereof, which has done so much more good for me than guessing activity levels and plugging stats into some website hoping it was the key to my success.
  • M3Kindschi
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    I have nothing bad to say about my Fitbit One!!! LOVE it!!!
  • pixelatedsun
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    I'd say a One or a Flex. Both are under $100 - it just depends on if you think she'd like one on her wrist or on her pocket/bra/pants. The bad thing about the Zip is the battery requirements - you can recharge all of the other Fitbit products.

    I have a Flex and I love it, but I like to have it on my wrist where I can see it and be motivated by its lights. I had a One but it was clipped to my bra so I never saw the step count - didn't work as well.