daily water intake

Does cups of coffee, normal tea or even green tea constitute a "cup" of your daily water intake?


  • FRJM
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    No unfortunately not....I only count water as water! I don't count dilute cordial, coffee or anything else
  • dale530
    Coffee and tea also count in your tally. Many used to believe that they were dehydrating, but that myth has been debunked. The diuretic effect does not offset hydration.
  • CeddysMum
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    This is a never ending discussion :neutral_face: I asked my GP and he told me it's the *fluid* intake that matters, including any coffee, tea etc. so while I do drink a lot of water, I'm counting all of it
  • Susanne_Violette
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    I haven't been logging my intake. Does it help to keep track of it? Each morning I set out 4 tea bags for the day. I don't use any sugar or cream, just different flavors. I use each bag twice so half of my cups are actually weaker and I use the biggest coffee cup I have. I have found that I don't care for the taste of soda's anymore. I tried Sprite 0 on Super Bowl Sunday and couldn't even finish half a glass of it. I didn't drink soda that often, or so I thought( one or two 20oz bottles a week), but now I don't at all. I think it has made a huge impact on my weight loss.
  • Azexas
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    I don't really keep track of my fluid intake. The amount of caffeine in coffee isn't enough to dehydrate a person so you can still count it in your fluid intake. (When I get off my mobile, I will try to find the peer reviewed study).

    This may be TMI- I drink enough fluids to keep my urine a straw yellow color. If it's too dark I drink more fluids.
  • tanyabecka
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    I ONLY drink water. 1/2 my body weight in OZ per day. I.e.- my today weigh in was 206lb, I will drink 103oz today. I'm down 31 pounds in 2 months exactly. Add me if you want to support each other in this hard journey!!