I am getting married on October 3, 2015. I'm trying to loose at 50 to 70 pounds before then.

Is anyone else getting married?
I would love to make some new friends.


  • crunchienugget
    crunchienugget Posts: 54 Member
    Hey im getting married next year and mg sister is getting married this year. Im bridesmaid for her so i need to lose weight-around 60 pounds so im with you :-)
  • jintheusa
    jintheusa Posts: 13 Member
    Hi! I'm also getting married.. Our wedding is in August. I just stepped on the scale for the first time in a long time and was stunned by the amount I put on thanks to stress and medications. I am attempting to get down 30 lbs (anything more is unrealistic for me). I'd love some support as I am seriously struggling!!!
  • aharburger
    aharburger Posts: 44 Member
    Hi ladies,
    I am mostly in the maintenance phase now, but would like to lose 3-5 more pounds and tone up by my wedding in May 2015! I would love to give support, and I think this will motivate me to actually log my food and get moving more!!
  • adakir
    adakir Posts: 8 Member
    Hi girls, I am getting married in September 2015 and am looking to lose 10 pounds and tone up my muscles. Would love to have awesome-looking arms in my wedding dress! The weight loss is slowing down as I approach my goal weight so would love some motivation and support!
  • Blob2beast
    Blob2beast Posts: 13 Member
    Tying the knot in Jan 2016, want to lose 40 pounds!
  • cemithballstar
    cemithballstar Posts: 13 Member
    I am getting married sometime this year! We haven't set a date but I want to lose at least 35 pounds!
  • lindsmayf
    lindsmayf Posts: 16 Member
    I am a bridesmaid in a wedding this June. Had my dress measurements taken a few months ago and was mortified. Trying to slim down 15 pounds by summer.
  • BioQueen
    BioQueen Posts: 694 Member
    I'm getting married this July! :) I have gone from 181 to 143 and would love to be in the 120-130 range for the wedding.
  • Hi everyone! I am getting married on February 13, 2016. I am also looking to meet some people going through the same thing, because I am having a difficult time finding the motivation to eat healthy. Because I still have a year to get ready, my goal is to lose anywhere from 60-80 pounds. I am happy to see that we are all able to feed off of each other's successes and motivation!
  • jaclyntranchannel
    jaclyntranchannel Posts: 11 Member
    Wow, just what I was looking for! We're debating the date for now but I'd love to get a headstart! Anyone is free to add me as well!