Question for those of you familiar with Flintstones chewables?



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    Flintstones chewable morphine?

    I used to smush my kid's vitamin tablets into powder and remove the teeny balls from the capsules he took and put them on spoons of whipped cream, ice cream or nutella. I know you've tried something similar and he used to gag too. It became easier for him eventually to just swallow them. Is there anything you can take as a syrup?
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    I don't take Flintstones because they contain gelatin, but I do take a chewable children's vitamin from Earth Fare. They're called Bengal Bites, and they are way less tart than the Flintstones,IIRC. I take them primarily to up my iron.

    Taking it with food should help as well.
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    I'm thinking maybe I should buy some sweet tarts since those are kinda similar and practice with those and then after that I think I'm gonna just have to chew it really quick and then eat something and go brush. The taste I experienced from just kinda sucking on it and moving it around in my mouth would probably be the same as if I actually swallowed it I would think. I assume it wouldn't be any worse.

    It says to take with a meal but when I feel nauseous and am very nervous, I like to have very little food on my stomach. Like 2 pieces of buttered toast and an apple. But Idk if that would be enough to prevent nausea from the vitamin since it does say take with a meal.

    I think you could consider that a meal or even a cracker at first if that's all you can manage to start out. How about if you crush the pill and put it in spaghetti sauce or something you're making as part of a meal. That would help in not tasting it?

    I used to have a difficult time swallowing pills as well, I would sorta gag and they felt like they stuck and wouldn't go down and I could still taste them. :# Made me feel sick to have that taste and smell (not nauseous but it was nasty). Some pills are coated with some nasty smelling/tasting 'stuff' (no clue what it is)..the Prenatal or One A Day (I took an off brand) seemed to have that smell and the pills seemed so big. Vitamin D and Calcium have that same issue and are big to swallow.

    I now take pain pills and in order to diminish my pain I take them.. but I take all my pills at once now. I drink some water then quickly and I do mean quickly toss the pills back. So the pills are not far behind the water. Seems to be the only way I can take them all at once.

    We all handle things're not the only one so no worries. :)

    Stick with the therapist and see if you can work through some of the anxiety..she may or may not focus on the pill taking but working in other areas that cause the anxiety will likely help with that as time goes on.

    The idea of practicing with sweet tarts is actually not a bad idea at all! ;)

    Best of Luck!
    Hearts <3
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    OP, if you can't swallow pills, you can't get over the taste of half a children's vitamin, and you won't take a supplement from a company that hasn't specifically been recommended to you by a doctor, you need to go back to your doctor and explain all this to them so they can recommend another supplement and refer you to a therapist who can help you with your anxiety. Good luck

    My doctor already referred me to a therapist for my anxiety. I've seen them a couple times and they've given me some tips like deep breathing and recommended a book for me. I haven't noticed a significant improvement. But it has only been a couple sessions.

    She hasn't recommended another supplement. She is strongly suggesting I take the Flintstones.
    Maybe ask her to clarify if there's something unique about Flintstones or if she's just strongly suggesting you take any flavored children's chewable.

    Have you tried hiding iron rich foods (or a Flintstone) in a smoothie? I personally would aim for the foods themselves. The vitamins always taste like vitamins to me.
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    I give my kid gummy vitamins. They make ones with iron.

    Don't fear brands you haven't heard of. They're FDA regulated and must contain what they say they do and be safe.

    Um, no. The FDA doesn't regulate vitamins which is why they have their reports on how "dangerous" they are. They don't have any stake in the vitamin market and are trying hard to get in by regulating things like fish oil because you could "over dose" on it. If they did have their hand in the vitamin industry every single one that's out there -- including the flintstone vitamins -- would only be available through a doctors prescription.
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    Your therapy needs to be a bit more intensive, and not dealing solely with the anxiety. I would ask your doctor for a referal to an occupational therapist to help you learn to eat. They will help you become more comfortable with foods/textures/tastes. This is actually something that my kids deal with, certain food textures and tastes they just cant handle, and they have a very limited diet. Food therapy is becoming more common
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    As a pipsqueak and tiny gymnast, I would climb the counters to the high cabinet where mom kept the Flintstones and sit cross-legged in front of the TV, sorting them by character, and then eating one after another after another ... so, yeah, they taste good to kids. Yes, they can dangerously be considered candy by children because they taste so good. And yeah ... if you can increase iron intake with diet, please do that instead. Multi-vitamins are increasingly being considered a racket in medical circles.