How to get past the first week of a new diet!?!(Advice please)

In my opinion the first few days are definitely the hardest because you are giving up your old lifestyle. I find this the hardest part because I tend to binge eat and stuff. If anyone had trouble and overcame it I would really appreciate if you told me and others. Thank you so much!!! :D:D:D ~Karissa


  • I did have troubles with this at first! Remember healthy eating and exercise are a lifestyle change. When you are hungry try chewing gum or doing a smal workout like crunches! Hope this helps
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    Be honest when you log your food. Log it before you put it in your mouth. So much harder to binge with the numbers staring at you. Ex. I wanted Oreos, I logged it first, because of this I didn't eat nearly as many as I could have.
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    Take it one day at a time, one hour at a time if necessary. Drink tea (black or green) without sugar or water if you are having cravings. Try to stay away from environments that are full of food you can't eat.
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    I have found over many months of dieting on here that what really helps is to pay attention the first couple of weeks and identify times you are about gnaw your arm off. For the most part that time of day won't change. For me it is around 3:00. After lunch and before dinner. Have yourself a good snack set aside for this time of day. It needs to be something high in fiber or high in protein. I like apples, or I take chicken with me that I can nuke in the work microwave.

    Another thing, don't bite off more than you can chew. If 2 lbs a week is to much and you won't stick to it, drop down to a pound a week. You will instantly get 500 more calories a day, and you still lose weight.
  • Hey everyone! I thought this would be a good place to open up and receive guidance because I am really struggling with my dieting recently. My name is Stephanie, and I have had a difficult time controlling my eating for as long as I can remember. Luckily, I am athletic, so I don't appear to be as big as the scale says that I am, but I know it won't be this way for much longer. I have recently lost control so badly over my eating and I truly feel as though I have no power over my cravings or desires because I cannot remember the last time that I was able to talk myself out of eating something that I shouldn't. This is genuinely concerning me because (1) I really do want to be strong and become the healthiest version of myself possible, and (2) I am getting married in almost exactly one year and I have always dreamed of being in the best shape of my life for my wedding. I get so frustrated with myself because if I am eating healthy, I'm unhappy because I'm thinking of all the other food that I want- and if I'm eating what I want, I'm unhappy because I'm sabotaging myself. It's a lose-lose for me! Haha besides this, I truly feel as though I have everything that I could ever want in life so I want nothing more than to be able to control my binging and be proud of my determination as well. I guess what I am looking for from you guys is just opinions on how you started your journeys and stuck with it even when things got hard. I am a pro at making up excuses for why I deserve a certain snack or meal, and I am really just looking for ways to overcome the mental barrier that I have towards eating healthier. I tend to stick to my plans for literally a day (if I'm lucky), and fall off again the next day. Any starting points or ideas from you guys would be immensely appreciated :)
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    I've found it really hard in the past to just say "no, not anymore", but it's hard to pin-point exactly what made actually do it this time. I still fantasise about certain foods but i guess because of a while of eating well and feeling so much better in myself, i know how bad my body feels after a load of junk food.
    One thing I did do that helped this time is that I gave up chocolate for a month - it's my biggest weakness and just saying "no" to it completely helped me feel more in control, so the rest slotted into place. Maybe go cold turkey on your biggest food love? It'll be hard but may make you feel more in control.
    The other mindset I'm trying to keep is that I'm CHOOSING to not have certain food. It is MY decision. I try and keep away from "i can't" and "i'm not allowed". Again, it feels like I'm controlling my diet, not the other way around.
    Finally, if I'm struggling, I might try a healthier substitute, or I imagine the food with maggots on. If i still want it after all that, I have it, log it, and move on.

    I guess I've built myself a system that keeps me on track as best I can - you just have to build yours now. :)
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    I've found that it really helps to find new foods that I like so when I'm craving, I've got something good that I can go to. Who needs ice cream to end the day when there's vanilla almond Special K and unsweetened vanilla almond milk around? ;) In all seriousness, it was a matter of throwing out or slowly eating and not replacing the tasty stuff that wasn't good for me and then just saying no at the grocery store (where it's a lot easier to say no). I actually decided to give myself a treat when I hit my initial 50 lb. weight loss goal: a day where I didn't care what number I hit (but I was still going to log it). I was going to have a giant Dr. Pepper, a pasty with gravy, and ice cream - and I hadn't had ice cream in months. Before losing the weight, this would have been an average day. Once I got there, I had a hard time finishing all of the food. And I found myself not wanting to eat all of the way through the ice cream. Keep at it even when it seems like it's a battle and you're not going to win. If you embrace the lifestyle change, you'll be surprised how much you don't miss after a little while.
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    Don't try to quit everything cold turkey. It won't last and you'll end up bingeing again. Small, smart, determined steps are best.