Is it ok to skip lunch?

I just really need to lose weight.


  • MinnieInMaine
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    Not if it means you're not getting enough calories/nutrients in your day. Per the ticker on your profile, you have 10 pound to lose and it's fairly common for that to take a little time. Set your goal to 1/2 a pound per week and try to get as close to the daily calorie goal as possible. Get some exercise in and eat back about half of the earned calories. And above all, be patient.
  • Laurend224
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    As long as you meet your calorie goals with your other meals/snacks, It's fine.
  • SueInAz
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    You can eat your calories at any time of the day you like but if "skipping lunch" means not eating those calories and therefore under-eating, then no.
  • jacksonpt
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    Sure. As long as you are getting reasonable calories/nutrients and you feel good, eat whenever you want.
  • amusedmonkey
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    It's okay to skip breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, any combination of them, or even all four (provided your overall weekly calories are not too low and you do not have an eating disorder or are prone to having one if you are doing the last one). To the body the difference is minimal and near negligible. Don't sweat the details and just eat whenever you want within your budget
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    SueInAz wrote: »
    You can eat your calories at any time of the day you like but if "skipping lunch" means not eating those calories and therefore under-eating, then no.

    Skip rope. Not meals.
  • prestigio
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    Although I agree with the comments above saying that most importantly you need to hit your calorie / nutrient goal, I'd say skipping lunch might end up in an unhealthy relation with food.
    You could also decrease the amount of calories you eat during your lunch (chicken salad for example, without high calorie dressings).
  • ninerbuff
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    If you're doing it JUST to lose weight, then no. If you're considering doing it to assist in weight maintenance and it will be part of your ongoing lifestyle, then sure. As long as you're not undereating and meeting your essentials for macros/micros, skipping any meal isn't a dire consequence.

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  • DAM5412
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    Sure, if you're not hungry at that time. If you're skipping lunch to ingest lower calories during the day, then NO, because when your hunger hits later, you may binge.

    Weight loss isn't a race. Lower your daily calorie intake, focus on eating food which keeps you satisfied and energized. You are young, your metabolism is probably very high, don't start messing with it too much. Eat healthier, move more and watch your calorie intakes.

    Good luck!
  • jhall260
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    Sure, if you can do it then do it. If I were to skip lunch I would be ravenous and likely to overeat later in the day. Just don't under eat. Your body still needs nutrients!
  • Tea_Mistress
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    I do, but only because I eat a satisfying enough breakfast to keep me going
  • dunnodunno
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    I just really need to lose weight.

    It's ok to skip lunch if you're eating your required calories the rest of the day; however, if you're doing it to lose weight faster & not eating enough than no.