Seeking friends trying to lose the last 10 lbs.

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I set a new goal and need MFP friends to help me stay accountable. I reached a normal BMI just before Christmas. That was a huge accomplishment for me given that a year prior I was in the obese range! Since then, I've lost 2 more pounds but have been going up and then coming back to this new weight. That's great because it holds promise for my ability to maintain my weight loss. But, I need to lose a bit more because I am very small boned and am still too heavy for my frame. So, I have decided to commit to losing 10 pounds by my birthday. That's just a half a pound a week for the next 20 weeks. I'm putting this goal out there seeking a few new friends dealing with a similar situation. It's too easy to slip into more of a maintenance eating plan. I need to recommit to get these 10 pounds off. Who wants to join me?


  • Joanna331
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    I'm trying to loose 0.5lbs a week too. Lost 2lbs last week put 3lbs on this week (it's that time of the month) and I'm using that as my excuse lol. I've lost nearly 2 stone over a two year period so I'm going with the slow weight loss as I am keeping it off. Got 5lb left to loose but I'm sure I'll do it, you too. Good luck
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    Thanks, Joanna! It's nice to hear from someone who had such success over two years. Congrats on being so close to achieving your end goal. I'm sure you can do it given how you have stuck with it for such a long time. I feel confident that I can too but recognize that some extra support would be helpful. I'll send you a friend request. If you're not interested in new friends at this time, no worries!
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    Down to the last 10 here too; will be changing the settings to .5/week as of tomorrow. Feel free to add me!
  • Hi_Jenn_Jenn
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    I'm in! I have about 10 to 12 pounds to lose.
  • kamakazeekim
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    I have 10 pounds to lose too! I was 133 pounds this morning and would like to be between 120 and 125. The past month has been hard for me! I was down to 128 for a little while but now it's creeping back up :(
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    I have somewhere between 10-15 pounds to lose (unsure of what my ultimate goal weight should be). I'd love to add some new friends! :)
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    I'm in. I've lost 28lbs in about 10 months. That was always my magic figure when I started my journey at 12 stone 7lbs. I've been maintaining for 2 months but now I want to push for the final 14lbs. I'm shooting for 1lb a week. My goal is a May deadline. Weight has to be gone or my special treat simply won't happen. My only fear is the medication I am on, it complicates weight loss :-( as in makes it harder to lose. I started on Mobday at 10 stone 8lbs. Will check in again soon.
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    Thanks to all who have responded to me via this post as well as privately. It looks like we've got a nice group forming.

    I've sent friend requests to all with the exception of JSCHWALM1 because every time I try to send the request I get an error message. JSCHWALM1, would you please see if you can send me a friend request so we can add you?

    Looking forward to discussing our successes and addressing our challenges over these next 20 weeks. And, of course, I'm looking forward to all of us being 10 pounds thinner come July!
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    I have between 10-15 pounds to lose after losing 38. Feel free to add me!
  • I am new, and I'm trying to lose 30 lbs and build some muscle. I had always been super petite and never gained weight no matter what I ate. I got diagnosed at 19 with idiopathic tachycardia. My blood pressure medicine has caused me to put on weight, and I feel so uncomfortable with my body. I've been going to the gym and watching what I eat, and my goal is to lose a pound a week
  • AskTracyAnnK28
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    Feel free to add me! I have between 8-10 pounds to go
  • Ive been trying to lose the last 10lbs for a few months now. I've been swinging between being 7-12lbs away from my GW but now I've committed myself to really being honest with my diet and food tracking, something I know is holding me back. Its difficult! The last few lbs dont fall off easy :/
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    I've got 8lbs left to lose, after losing 24lbs. And it's hanging on for dear life! Lol
  • LessthanKris
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    I have about nine until my initial goal weight of 120. I may go down another five depending on how I feel. It makes me nervous that everyone says it is so hard to get the last ten off.
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    Hi there, I've got about 10-12 pounds left to go having lost 14. Because I'm small, the weight loss shows, and I feel better as well as fitting into smaller clothes. The downside of this is that my motivation has dwindled a little. Maybe a little push from people in a similar boat would be just what I need!
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    Thanks to all who have responded to my post and accepted my friend request. What an impressive group! You've all accomplished so much. I'm confident that each of us can reach our respective goals!

    Thought I would post a couple of questions to spark some discussion.

    -What eating and/or exercise strategies have you used to date that you believe will be most helpful in losing your last 5-15 pounds?

    -What eating and/or exercise strategies have you used to date that are no longer working?

  • Jankatherton
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    My goal is to lose 10 pound by July 1st. I'd eventually like to lose 15 and get down to 135 but for now my goal is 140 ( currently 148-150 and I'm 5"7). So please feel free to add me! I'd like the support as well! It's a hard journey to go it alone.
  • mkcmurphy
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    Feel free to add me! I had been maintaining for a bit, but now have to work about 8 pounds off! Looking forward to working out again!

    Regarding your first question:
    Slow but steady in terms of expectations and consistently working out. Oh, and I always eat back my calories - I'm like Betty White in the Snickers commercial if I don't.
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    I have 9 pounds to go out of 35 for total loss. I have been jumping from 133 to 135 and I can't seem to get past that yet...ugh!
  • bametels
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    mkcmurphy and awarren... thanks for sharing!

    Slow but study has been important to my success as well! And, demonstrating how individualized 'what works' is - one of you eats back your calories and the other doesn't. When I had much more weight to lose, I typically ate some but not all of my exercise calories. As I've gotten closer to my goal weight and calorie targets were reduced it got harder for me not to eat them because I was so hungry at night.

    What doesn't seem to be working so well for me anymore is not measuring certain things. For example, I estimate a cup of almond milk a day and several tablespoons of coffee creamer. Logging every single mouthful and sip was too much for me - a barrier to sticking with logging. However, with my lower calorie targets, I just don't seem to have room for error anymore so I'm going to have be more strict about measuring these seemingly minimal calories which are probably more than I realize!