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Funny, but every insecurity I have had about myself, whether it be looks, weight or what ever, I have heard people on here saying the same thing about themselves. And the funny thing is, I look at those people and think,what are they talking about? they look fine to me.
I guess we see ourselves differently than others do. I put up a post yesterday asking for everyone’s opinion if they thought I looked ok at the weight I am at now, as I have reached my goal. You do not realize, that reading almost every response being positive means so much to me. I have gone thru the days of not wanting to be in pictures because of hating what i saw, seeing people laughing as I walked by, hating to go out to eat figuring people thinking, look at that fat guy, he should not be eating that. walking in and praying i would be able to fit in that booth, avoiding traveling because afraid i would not be able to fit in the planes seat. not wanting to go see shows or sporting events for fear i wouldn’t fit in the seats or bother the person next to me with taking up to much space. walking into a store in the mall, and having nothing in your size to buy. It is all so degrading.
People on here ask how I have stayed so strong for these 2 years that I have been on My Fitness Pal and its because of the reasons above. I am mad at myself for putting myself in that position. My stroke that I had was mostly caused by my weight.That is something I will live with the rest of my life with the damage it has done. It has taken me now 2 years, to feel normal for the first time in many years. Just so much wasted time where I could have been enjoying myself, instead of being miserable. So why have I been so good? Because I know those feelings and vow to never live like that again.
And most of my success is because of you. All the likes and comments, really do mean something. Especially when you have gone thru years of not hearing positive things.
So next time you think are alone in this, you are not! We have all gone thru the same insecurities and emotions that you have and having friends on here helps so much.
The one good thing about feeling hurt and embarrassed, is that is what is what makes me stronger now.
I will be staying on mfp when I reach my goal because I know I need this and have read to many stories of people that reach their goal, leave, and are back a year later, regaining everything they lost, plus some. So thank you to everyone whether we have been friends for 2 years or one day. I want to be here and celebrate when each of you reach your goals.
I know this is the time of the year that alot of people begin their diets, as I did 2 years ago and not knowing if i would last a week, but for what ever reason, this inspired me and I have been very strong even till this day. So those just starting, i am proof this will work. i just stayed within my calories and did alot of walking. After 2 previous strokes, if i didnt do it, i may not have been here at this point. I went from a 48 waist to a 31 and from a xxl shirt to a small. Here is a before and after picture.

Fell free to add me as a friend as I am on mfp probably 10 times a day...
Have a great weekend!!!


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    Excellent work!
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    Awesome work. True dedication and very inspirational!
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    That's amazing good work.
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    Awesome job!!!!! Please feel free to add me as a friend. My journey has been a life long struggle but I'm determined this year to hit my goal weight. Again you look incredible keep it up!!
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    Amazing transformation......

    You look so different, I hope you don't mind me saying this but I thought that you looked very tired in the before photos now you are positively glowing.....particularly the beach photo.
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    Wow! That is an awesome transformation! I am glad you got healthier for you. You look amazing. You are an inspiration!
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    Dem feels man...amazing job.
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    Wow! You look amazing!
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    You look great !
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    Great! So happy for you!! :)
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    AMAZING!!!!!!! Great job. Hopefully I'll stay strong & get to my goal as you did :)
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    Wow....Just....wow. Congratulations!
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    Incredible transformation! And so much persistence! Well done!
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    GREAT job!
  • Inspirational, you have motivated me to accomplish my weight loss goals. Awesome Job!
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    Wow, what an achievement and such an inspiration!! Thanks so much for posting this! You look terrific, by the way!
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    AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing. You do look fabulous, but I think it's even more important that you feel fabulous! :smile:
  • Congrats to you! Your story is very inspiring to me. I suffered a spinal cord stroke almost 3 years ago (yes I did and yes I'm fairly young). Your story has inspired me to keep working through my pain to reach my overall fitness goals. Thanks again for sharing your story. You look Great!!!
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    Omg you look amazing congrats on you weight loss truly inspirational