social drinking and weight loss

Hi my name is Jeanne and I'm fairly new to my fitness pal, I've been doing well on my diet plan that this site made up for me except for the two nights since I've started that I've attended social events and had a drink or two. When I input the drink that I've tried (margarita and dirty Shirley) they come back packed full of sugar and calories and immediately put me over my limit on nutrition and calories. I don't drink often (once a month) but when I do is there another lighter drink I could order that would be better for me? What do any of you order that works well with your plan and nutrition?


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    Unfortunately, cocktails have a lot of calories. If you really want alcohol, you will want to search for lower cal alternatives (this website if useful for that:

    But there are lots of things you can drink that would be lower cal, if you don't mind skipping the booze. Perrier is one example - get them to put a slice of orange in the glass, and you still have a "fancy drink" that's lower cal.
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    Gin and tonic is a good option, espcially if you get the slimline tonic (I'm not fond of it though).

    But if I only drank once a month, I'd drink a bit of what I liked the most.

    Personally, I prefer beer, with gin 2nd, but a couple of cocktails once a month isn't the end of the world and if it's that infrequent, going a couple of hundred of cals for over for one day isn't going to completely derail your weight loss.

    I don't keep an eye on my sugar, but clear spirits with a diet soft drink may also do the trick if sugar matters to you.

    I'd stick with 2 margaritas a month though.
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    Plain old wine is not too bad when it comes to calories most are about 100-120 kcal for a 5 oz glass. I like to make "sangria" with red wine, crushed raspberries and blackberries and soda water.

    Whiskey on the rocks is generally about 90-100 calories.

    Rum and Coke Zero, Jack and Coke Zero.
    Vodka soda and lime.

    The more traditional cocktails were less sugary like the Old Fashion or a real Martini.
  • Thanks everyone there's some much lighter looking alternatives in here I'll have to try next time I find myself out, I appreciate It
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    When at home/hosting I drink a lot of vodka with lime reduced cal cranberry on the rocks.

    I like them fairly stiff, so.....the damage is minimal from the mixer.

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    Vodka and club with lime is a good choice. It's a good sipping drink with not too much sugar, considering other choices.