30-Day Dumbbell Challenge

I'm on day 8 of my fitness hallenge but I am welcoming everyone to join me... will you make it?



  • mahoganybrowne
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    Anyone joining?
  • katiely95
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    I'll try it! I wanted to start a weight routine next week. I found one online, but my gym just doesn't have all of the equipment I need to completely follow it. Dumbells? They have those. :P I will try it and keep you update! Thank you for posting!
  • rseneca724
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    I have been looking for something like this, thank you for sharing! I'm going to start this evening :)
  • I'm Starting today
  • mahoganybrowne
    mahoganybrowne Posts: 88 Member
    No problem ladies! Its another great way to burn calories. Its better to lose weight and tone at the same time...

    As for me, I'm on Day 8!

    @kateily95, An exercise ball is only between 10-15 bucks at Walmart, if your gym doesnt have that, go there and do the ball exercises at home and vice verse... same with dumbbells.

    I started this challenge 2 years ago with my own dumbbells. I started with 5lb and 8lb, now this is my second go-round, O'm using the gyms dumbbells cause they have more weight and i need to increase for the summer... HOWEVER, I dont know what gym you go to but I go to Planet Fitness now and they have all the dumbbells you need...

    I hope this helps!
  • kimekakes28
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    I'm gonna start it today!
  • lizzocat
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    I love this and the illustrations make it so easy to follow. I've been intimidated doing lifting at the gym so this should be perfect
  • mahoganybrowne
    mahoganybrowne Posts: 88 Member
    yes it is... it helps me out ALOT!
  • mahoganybrowne
    mahoganybrowne Posts: 88 Member
    It's also easy to negative on your phone and still shows the gif images from your device... it's the best! I LOVE IT! Taking this to the gym is amazing!
  • HeartyHealthy
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    Hey this looks Ideal for what I am wanting thank you for sharing!
  • mahoganybrowne
    mahoganybrowne Posts: 88 Member
    You're welcome dear!
  • njfitnessmom
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    I started today too. Just finished and I loved it. Thanks for sharing!!!
  • sistrsprkl
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    This is so awesome and exactly what I needed! OP, thank you so much for posting. I'll start tomorrow.
  • mahoganybrowne
    mahoganybrowne Posts: 88 Member
    You ladies are most welcome. I'm loving it!!! Im day 9 today....
  • mahoganybrowne
    mahoganybrowne Posts: 88 Member
    Its good to stretch when you do any of the routines though... i dont always stretch long enough cause im always so excited to just dig in lol
  • crafty30
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    Thanks so much for posting this..I had a baby 5 months ago and have been looking for a good routine I could do at home! Started today and loved it..Think my arms will be sore tomorrow :) x
  • athens1000
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    This is really awesome! I already weight lift at the gym, but this gives me a new guideline and will break up my usual routine.. cool!
  • MrsYeddy
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    Rockon....I have to start someplace.
  • randomtai
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    Can I do this while wearing a weave? Asking for a friend. *nod*
  • AllonsYtotheTardis
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    randomtai wrote: »
    Can I do this while wearing a weave? Asking for a friend. *nod*

    Why not? I'm going to wear my wig.