Will peanut butter hinder weight loss?

I love eating apples/bananas with peanut butter, but I'm curious as to how detrimental it can be to weight loss. I know it has a lot of calories, but also protein & good fats. Also, a 2tbsp serving size is RIDICULOUS! I could easily eat a few spoonfuls of the stuff... Any advice? Should I limit how many times a week I eat it?


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    Caloric surplus will hinder weight loss. Not 1 single food but all foods combined throughout the day.

  • Christine_72
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    I try not to buy peanut butter often as I stand in the kitchen with my big ol tablespoon and eat it out of the jar.
    Peanut butter alone will not make you gain weight, going over your calorie goal will though.
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    It's always fun when you get a spoonful of peanut butter because you're under your calories . . .and then end up over your calories.
  • Christine_72
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    It's always fun when you get a spoonful of peanut butter because you're under your calories . . .and then end up over your calories.

    Haha been there, done that!!

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    Too much of anything will hinder weight loss. CICO.
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    Just work it in to your daily calorie allotment. No problem.
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    So long as you're within your calorie goal, it is fine. Can I suggest you weight it rather than use measuring spoons (if you aren't already)?
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    Goodness, if this were true I would have never lost weight. I looove peanut butter. Weigh that stuff though!! =)
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    Try smooshing mini chocolate chips in with a spoonful of peanut butter!
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    I watch my portions of fat but I don't eliminate them. They so help with satiety. Great staying power. Not to mention all the fat soluble vitamins.
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    Definitely make sure you weigh it because, for me, the 2 tbls measured is much more than one serving if you actually weigh the grams out. I eat peanut butter and celery almost every day as a treat as long as I have room in my calories and I keep losing. But make sure you weigh or you will probably be eating more than you think.
  • Like said above, a calorie surplus will hinder weight loss, not peanut butter. Having said that, I don't keep peanut butter at home because I'm currently eating 1,200 calories/day and I cant justify using up my calories on peanut butter when I could use the equivilant on something more fibrous and filling
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    It hasn't hindered mine. I don't eat a whole jar at a time, but I routinely have a serving here & there with fruit, on rice cakes, etc. I think apples and peanut butter is a great snack--for me, it's better than apples alone, because the fat helps keep me satisfied, where the apples alone would leave me hungry. If anything, I think a little bit of peanut butter (or similar) eaten strategically here and there has actually helped my weight loss rather than hinder it, because it keeps me from getting so hungry that I binge on worse things.
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    I like almond butter a lot more than peanut butter (I don't eat legumes)...
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    I used to eat half a jar of Natural Peanut butter 2 or 3 times a week and this caused weight gain. I now eat about 4 tablespoons a couple of times during the week (Jif All Natural) and it fits in my macros...

    Moderation is the ultimate key!

    PS: If you like Resee's peanut butter and chocolate, it is now in a jar and it is fantastic! My new indulgent.
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    I buy my peanut butter in 1kg tubs and it didn't hinder my weight loss.

    But would recommend weighing how much you eat and not going by a spoonful. I'm an expert at getting lots on a spoon!
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    If you stay with your calorie limit you could eat whatever you like and lose weight.

    Get used to eating a smaller serving of peanut butter. Stop thinking it is ridiculous or whining about having to eat less.
    Eat more peanut butter but eat less other food. You might not be happy with that but if you love peanut butter maybe you would be thrilled.
    Don't eat peanut butter. If the calories for the amount you can fit in your day don't seem worth it then just don't eat it.