Evening Sweet Tooth



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    I eat really dark chocolate - Green & Black's 85% cocoa bar. A small piece or two will be just enough because of how rich it is!
  • justshanta
    I've found the dark chocolate lindor truffles are my weakness. They're about 80 calories. I found if I leave them in the car trunk it really helps because it's not as convenient to get. But they're also individualy wrapped so it's easy to just grab one
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    justshanta wrote: »
    I've found the dark chocolate lindor truffles are my weakness. They're about 80 calories. I found if I leave them in the car trunk it really helps because it's not as convenient to get. But they're also individualy wrapped so it's easy to just grab one

    I've never thought of keeping the chocolate in the trunk of the car....great idea! It's available, but only if you reeeeally want it!

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    You can eat whatever you want if you have saved enough calories for it. I tend to eat something with peanuts in it, such as Reese's peanut butter cup or Snickers. The goal is to stay within the budgeted calories. I also drink diet soda when I get the cravings. To be exact, Fresca sweetened with zero-cal Berry Sangria mix from Crystal Light. If aspartame has any toxicity, I will be the first to go! :smile:
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    Pre-log your day to include the chocolate.
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    Lately, I've been eating Chobani chocolate haze craze. It's so good! I believe it also has 10g of protein so it keeps me satisfied.
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    I made some new chocolate muffins this week that were great. Using Hemp instead of whey and the texture was very good! I did use a banana in the mix and you can taste the banana. Not bad at all but I'd like a less powerful substitute if you have any ideas? Here is my recipe. Made 6 mini muffins. 50 cal 1fat, 5 carbs, 6 protein. (1fiber 2 sugar)
    Mix together.
    15 grams, Bob's Red Mill Low Carb Baking Mix,
    2.00 Tbsp/15 gr Hemp Protein ,
    dash of Baking Powder
    dash of Salt,
    2.00 tsp, Truvia Baking Blend,
    3 TBSP, Liquid Egg Whites,
    1/2 banana,
    Bake at 350 10 mins (convection oven)
    I used spray and silicone mini muffin tin.
    Very rich chocolate flavor.
    Topping w PB is the bomb!
  • KickboxDiva
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    My other night time sweet snack is chai tea or Maxwell house Sugar Free instant coffees (but that has artificial sweetener) along with some combination of the following depending on what macros I have left.
    1 Tablespoon Peanut Butter,
    about 15-20 grams of Isopure Protein Powder (I use coconut or chocolate typically depending on what flavor I want)
    honey taste best but if I'm low on carbs I'll use sugar free syrup
    and if I have the fat to spare I add in about 10 grams of sugar free shredded coconut.

    You could also add oats, chocolate mini chips, nuts, dried fruit ect. Totally depends on my macros. Mix it up until you can form a stiff ball and add DROPS of water or a dash of vanilla. Just until you can get them to stick into balls. Eat then or refrigerate.
  • KickboxDiva
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    One more for you because I KNOW a sweet tooth and these recipes have been a life saver for my diet. 1/2 cup Greek yogurt. 1 T Peanut Butter (taste much better but you can use PB2) 1 -32 g scoop chocolate protein powder. I like Isopure Dutch Chocolate for this recipe. 2 Tbsp Cocoa. Mix up when you prepare dinner and refrigerate. it will thicken to a frosting consistency and taste pretty much like a cheat to me. (husband disagrees so to each their own) If I have macros left I like to eat with a Quest Cravings PB Cup broken into it.
    Also the new Quest Smores bars are divine! And you can bake them to cookies.
    So If you can make it taste like dessert I've probably tried it. For me SUGAR IS LIKE METH I can NOT have it. As long as I use stevia products I don't CRAVE like I do with "just one small piece". The Skinny cow stuff is great and macro friendly but the more I have them the more I want them.
  • 1983mattman
    Ohhh...this is me all over! Evening sweet cravings almost every night. What works for me is whipped cream, lightly sweetened. I can eat what feels like a large quantity that contains relatively few calories and won't kick me out of ketosis if that's what I'm shooting for.

    Also, heavy cream, chocolate Muscle Milk powder, a dab of peanut butter, and a little stevia stirred in a bowl creates almost a brownie batter concoction that is amazing, satisfying, quick, and easy.

    But...I find I make more progress faster (and feel generally better) if I let those cravings pass and tell myself I'll satisfy the craving tomorrow. Letting it go instead of fighting it, so to speak. Deep breathing and a cup of tea, or occupying my mind / hands for a while, tend to work really well. Not as much fun in the short term, but better in the long run.

    Good luck!
  • MickeyCastello
    Don't fight it accommodate it. It's okay to have a night snack. I have one every night 8:30 - 9:30. Just log it first, then spread the remaining calories around your other meals. Try Fuji apples, good ones are sweet like candy to me.
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    purple cow popsicles and graham crackers are my nightly sweets these days. I try to always leave some room for one or the other (sometimes both.)
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    When my sweet tooth hits I usually try to eat some strawberries or other fruit. If that doesn't take care of it itself, then I dip the fruit into hazelnut cocoa spread (I used the Kroger brand, and it's delicious - and better than peanut butter). Hope this helps!
  • juliech
    Diet orange crush or low-cal hot chocolate (carnation brand)
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    This is a great post! I am exactly the same right after my dinner I need sweet sugar items! I just binge eat every night. crisps juice chocolate! Anyone any ideas on helping me break this habit? ? I have no motivation and I seriously need to start eating healthy! ☺
  • Dreamcatcher1121
    I know some people have said just ignore your cravings but that's just not always realistic! Especially if your a woman during Aunt Flow's visit!

    Some low calorie options if absolutely have to have something sweet (And not want fruit! lol)
    Try See's lollipops: they last a long time, get rid of sweet tooth and only have 80 calories. :)
    I also recommend the fiber one chocolate brownie only 90 calories and gets rid sweet tooth as well.
    See's Lollipops :80 calories
    Sugar Free Jello Chocolate Pudding: 60 calories
    Fiber One Treats Chocolate Brownie: 90 calories
    Sugar Free Jello Gelatin: 10 calories
    Jolly Time Kettle Corn: 100 Calorie Packs

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    Jmorici529 wrote: »
    Hey guys,

    So I am just getting started back up with this and identifying triggers and difficult times during the day for me. I realized that 7-10 really is my witching hour(s). I just want to eat chocolate and I'm usually not satisfied after one piece. Tips? Tricks?

    Wish chocolate was even an option for me, but it's not as I'm diabetic.
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    A serving of dark chocolate, fruit salad, or peanut butter takes care of my evening cravings.
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    This is going to sound weird, and I have never seen it recommended any where else before, but its totally working for me-


    I currently have on hand coconut macaroon rooibos, almond sugar cookie black tea, and chocolate caramel black tea from Simpson & Vail. I start getting a sugar craving and instead I make a cup of tea, I don't put milk or sugar in, frankly, they are good enough on their own, and its zero cal/negligible calories.

    This is actually working so well for me that I am going to branch out and try some other types of teas. Rooibos and tisanes are decaff so I am going to look for some more of those for my evening cravings.
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    Chobani flips (one with dark chocolate and almonds)...protein is filling and chocolate so good!