I wanna be a runner again. Any advice?

Hello all. I was wondering if anyone can give me some good pointers or references to somewhere i can research how to be able to start running again? Granted im about 60lbs over weight and i know that it will come with time before i can just be up and running. Ive tried the c25k and im debating giving it another chance. My problem is controling my breathing. My body says lets keep going but my lungs are saying b*@^h you are trying to kill me!... I recently sprained my knee about a month a go and ive been caged up resting it and im ready to get back out there and get things on track.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  • hill8570
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    C25K is a good program -- it's worth giving it a go again. Can you slow down more? Usually if you're gasping for air, you're either going too fast or just not relaxed. Better to start slow and work up rather than get injured and have to start over. Other possible issue with your lungs may be the cold -- winter air is rough on the lungs until you adapt; with spring in the air, 'tho, that should be becoming of an issue now.
  • Thanks. I think I will. My close friend is doing it and she had the same problem as me with the breathing and she is a champ now. I wanna be able to do a whole 5k and be proud and say i ran through the whole thing and eventually move up to bigger.
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    If you're having trouble breathing odds are you are attempting to run too fast. While doing a program like C25K you should be running at a pace so slow that you can carry on a conversation without gasping for air. That's slow. Really slow. For many people it's a pace not much faster than walking, especially at first. You're trying to build up your endurance at the beginning; speed comes much later.

    There are many good C25K options out there. If you do a web search I'm sure you'll find a bunch. I've heard really good things about the Zombies 5K smartphone app, too. There's a storyline to keep you interested while it's telling you to run, walk, etc.
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    how far or for how long were you able to run when you did previously?
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    If running is too difficult start by walking. Work up to run, walk, run, walk.

    My goal was a 5k, I started by running .25 miles, then walking .25 miles until I reached the 5k total each workout. Eventually I was running more and walking less until it was all running.
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    Try looking at Jeff Galloway's run/walk/run plan. It is a great way to build up. I used that when I first started to run. Good luck!
  • JenniferInCt
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    Maybe run on a treadmill slowly the first few weeks, so your not out in the cold (makes breathing worse for me). And just go slow. Like really slow. And keep plugging along! Youll see improvement. Better to start slow and keep at it then rush and never try again. Good luck! Im trying to be a runner for the first time in my life
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    i'm getting back to running after a tragic yoga accident right now and i have to second zombies run. the 5k version isn't nearly as exciting as the base app (where you get to experience a full-on story, build your base, emotionally bond with characters, get eaten alive if you're not fast enough...), but it's a lot more engaging than your average C25K.
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    I love the couch 2 5k.
    Any my lungs cuss me as well.....they will strengthen though, promise.
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    Don't worry about being overweight and running - I am currently about 70 lbs overweight and am training for a half marathon, so it can be done. As others have said you just have to work your way into it. For me, I started with walking, and then started adding in short bursts of running - for example, walk 4 min, run 1 min, and just kept increasing my running time until I was only running. And make sure you are not sprinting - you only need to do that if you are trying to win a track event :D

    There is a sticky thread at the top of the Fitness and Exercise board that is all about running - some really good info in there!
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    Long story short - I got pregnant and in the beginning I got sent to the emergency room and the doctor told me to take it easy on working out during my pregnancy so I stopped working out completely (stupid... I know) I just got back into running last year.

    Like other people have suggested, start out slow. Alternate between running and walking until you are comfortable just running.

    Also, strength train! This is what has really helped me. I started lifting weights and I was able to start running a full hour before I knew it.

    I hope this helps.
  • Just_Ceci
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    This C25K group is great for getting back into running.
  • SonicDeathMonkey80
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    Lose weight, run at an easier pace.
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    Good advice from all. I'd just add to be patient and celebrate small victories. It takes time. I started running with the C25K app and have since run two half marathons. I smoked for 15 years and also gained 50+ with each of my pregnancies. I'll never win any records for speed, but I get out there and have fun and try my best. Just keep telling yourself that you can do it and you will!
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    I am still about twenty pounds heavier than I want to be and I love running. Just pay attention and don't run on pain. Do all your stretches. The cardiovascular (breathing) will catch up faster than you think; within weeks. The muscles come back next, and tendons last. I've never run flat out more than ten minutes before I break. I'm in this for the long haul.

    My daughter can walk alongside me when I run.

    A local Running Room may have a class or a group you can run with.
  • Thanks everyone. I really appreciate the info.