Change of attitude towards food

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    omg u look great!!
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    looking great and confident! way to go!
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    Thank you darling :) it's taken 2 years and I feel amazing. Xxxxx
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    It took about 25 years to change my attitude towards food. In England we have the awful Katie Hopkins who I love however. She says "eat less move more". I've done every single diet known to man. Nothing works except calories and walking. Do it do it do it xxx
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    You look great!
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    You look fabulous! Congratulations on your great success!!!
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    Really looking good !
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    Wow. That is a fantastic transformation. :)
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    You look fantastic!!! Congrats. You're a hottie!!!
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    Thanks all :). Feeling good **** keep strong everyone xxx
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    You look awesome!
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    Looking Good! You also look younger and the confidence is shining through!
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    You didn't need to point it out. It is clear and you look fabulous!
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    You looks so good. Congrats!!
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    Lol yeah the elusive Katie Hopkins she is something else that woman. I'm not a fan but she does have a point eat less move more but she could get her point across in a better way imo x. Btw you look great :)

    Folk in America are starting to hear about Katie as she made some nasty comments about Kelly Clarksons weight x