Post here if you want more friends!



  • boomeyer1980
    boomeyer1980 Posts: 3 Member
    Friends And More Motivation - Sounds Good To Me!!! Feel Free To Add Me :)
  • gold5002009
    gold5002009 Posts: 9 Member
    Hi there,

    I would really love more friends to keep me accountable in my new weight loss kick. I lost 48lbs on myfitnesspal two years ago and the weight has slowly creeped back on. I want to lose about 16lbs this go round and really find having friends on here helps me so much!!

    Thanks in advance!!
  • fy2010
    fy2010 Posts: 3
    im not new just been gone for a little while and could use some friends
  • ToddPa12
    ToddPa12 Posts: 61 Member
    Feel free to add me! Always looking to expand my support group!
  • emipunk1
    emipunk1 Posts: 34 Member
    Add me as well i just joined today and im not only here for a complete transformation but a lifestyle change.
    trying to loose abt 50-70 lbs.
  • oh yes. :)
  • tonileigh820
    tonileigh820 Posts: 761 Member
    Kinda neglected mfp the past few months so starting up again now! Could always use more friends that are supportive and active! Feel free to add me!
    BCUONZO Posts: 27 Member
    Love making new friends! Havnt used MFP in a while but getting back into it. Gotta loose the last 10lbs!
  • Diddle_x
    Diddle_x Posts: 12
  • oanasva
    oanasva Posts: 1
    Hi, I am a runner, I like to be out work out work out, I would like to do this for a living. Always looking for friends :)
    Feel free to add me.
  • Mariam__X
    Mariam__X Posts: 35 Member
    Add me i need motivation
  • williecampos
    williecampos Posts: 90 Member
    MF Friends are always good
  • Saltfae
    Saltfae Posts: 82 Member
    I volenteer as tribute! Add me!
  • I am joining MFP today. Add me as a friend so we can motivate each other to lose weight! I have about 15 to lose.

  • Edgec0mb
    Edgec0mb Posts: 52 Member
    Hi, I wouldn't mind some friends in here. :smile: I like supporting other people and hope to get at least some of that back.

    Let's help eachother! :smile:
  • Whtmask
    Whtmask Posts: 219 Member
    Me! I'm on everyday! I like to give and receive support.
  • Pelamblue
    Pelamblue Posts: 177 Member
    Ex brit army, now airport fireman, dad and husband. Love training and eating ( not always a good thing) feel free to FR me
  • davemacdonald1
    davemacdonald1 Posts: 199 Member
    Ex pro hockey player, current fat guy here. Feel free to add me.
  • add me please
  • amywillloseit2015
    amywillloseit2015 Posts: 22 Member
    Hi my name is Amy and I would love some friends to help me with my journey in losing about 40-50 lbs. I can use the encouragement.