Starting a family... how long did it take?



  • benjaminhk
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    I think it took us about 8 months for our first kid. It didn't take as long with the second. We were getting pretty frustrated at first but we were really happy when the pregnancy tests finally flipped to positive.
  • Heartisalonelyhunter
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    You have a 15% of conceiving each cycle, so it's not a foregone conclusion. Definitely give it a year!
  • Pathira1305
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    For us took week..our honeymoon week,so quick and so miracle because after I born my daughter we find out I have very strong PCOS. I think for everything is time...just be patient,relax and enjoy time without kids,they are the biggest joy,but sometimes will be a day you will miss longer sleeping :)
  • auzziecawth66
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    Took a year for our first after went off the depo shot. For our second a month and our third was an unexpected surprise while on the pill. I think we are one of those couples that rolls them out like fords lol.
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    Shoot I had one while I had a copper IUD. Sigh.
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    We tried for 4 years on our own. Finally went to a fertility doctor and found that we both had problems, which could be corrected. We finally had a beautiful daughter. Six months later, we decided to start trying again, since it took us 5 years the first time. Two weeks later, I got pregnant...with twins. So we ended up with 3 babies within 15 months. It was rough at first, but very worth it. But I would advise anyone who has been trying for more than a year to see a doctor because for us, we probably wouldn't have had kids without medical help.
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    for me and my husband we have been trying for five years and no such luck yet. Ovulation tests and and monitoring closely helps. I got pg last year (ended in miscarriage) from a cycle after getting my tubes checked out and closely monitoring my cycle. sometimes just relaxing and not stressing doesnt work. I hope and pray that your time will come soon.
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    It took my husband and I about 6 months to get pregnant. We're lucky, as I know some people who have taken years (and I envy my friends who can get pregnant simply looking at one another).

    It's hard to hear "relax and enjoy the process" when you want to start a family. There's something incredibly sad about having a late cycle and hoping...only to be disappointed and depressed when you're not pregnant.

    Wishing you both luck and fun!
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    It took me a few hours of tequila, and about 9 months after that I had a family...
  • erickirb
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    Ex-wife got pregnant second month after going off the pill, so first ovulation that could be tracked. My current partner, first time "precautions" were not taken around the right time of the month.
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    My fiance and I have been trying for a year with no such luck. The Doc told me to wait a year after trying and then she could possibly prescribe Clomid to help. I have no idea what the deal is. I have one daughter who is now almost 6. I bought some Fertil Aid off a website. There is also some meds for men to help to that is supposed to be all natural. I didn't finish the Fertil Aid. I will be speaking with my OB soon to see about getting some help with this. I suggest that the 2 of you talk to her OB. :) Baby Dust...
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    6 months after getting married my husband and I decided to start trying, and I went off the pill. 6 weeks later I was knocked up with our first. Three years later we tried for our second, and 8 weeks into trying I'm pregnant again. Woo, 2 for 2, b!tches! :p I'm pretty happy about it, since endocrinologists my entire childhood were telling me I'd probably be sterile, or at the very least need IVF or an egg doner.
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    I went off the pill for two months and used condoms, and then the first month we actually tried, it happened. We had sex 1-3 times every single day that month, so we didn't have to worry about any magic window of opportunity. I'm 31, he's 32, and this is our first child. We were lucky, I know. I hope you are able to relax and start your family soon! :)
  • sevsmom
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    22 months with my firstborn, about 6 weeks with my second.
  • NerdieMcChub
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    Our first took a while... maybe 2 years. 2nd came around first time doing the nasty after my first was born. Third took about 2 years as well. I'm pregnant now with our 4th and our son is 18 months old.
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    First Pregnancy - Took the wrong medication, threw off my BC pills and got pregnant without trying

    Second Pregnancy - Took 6 months off of BC pills

    Third Pregnancy - Took 2 weeks off BC pills (ended up being an invalid pregnancy, hormones present, sac and fluids present, no baby, discovered at my first ultrasound)

    Forth (and last) Pregnancy - Took almost 10 months, very frustrating since I had done this 3 times before.

    Bodies will do what they are ready to do when they are ready to do them. Just keep patient and positive :smile: Good Luck to you

  • wheezeybouncer
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    5yrs for #1
    2mos I think it was for #2 (22mos between them)
    3yrs for #3
    #4 isn't off the cards but hasn't happened and we're not actively trying- #3 is 6 now. I don't get pregnant easily.
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    TJ_Rugger wrote: »
    Thank you all for your posts and experiences. She does monitor her cycle and it has been about 8-9 months since we have been trying. I would say that she had been on the pill since college (we’re 31 & 30 right now) and about 9-10 months ago she stopped the pill and we were using condoms for about 2 months to let the pill get out of her system.

    But she has also been wondering if her stress is also making it more difficult… Each month she keeps apologizing and I keep telling her that she has no reason to apologize and “Hell sweetie… maybe it’s me. It's ok, now just 'more sex yeah!'” I do think though the stress might be part of it.

    But thanks again for all of your honest answers!

    Monitoring her cycle alone may not mean much for her, if all she's doing is counting days to determine ovulation. She may want to start tracking her basal body temp, and perhaps also her cervical mucus, if she's not doing either - but also, lay off the stress.

    You could both check out the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility, which goes into detail about tracking fertility, for the purpose of avoiding pregnancy or becoming pregnant.
  • whatatime2befit
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    1st took a year. We had actually gone to our first doctors spot to see about getting some tests done when I finally conceived .
    Babies 2 & 3 a month
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    The best part of starting a family is the practicing. I think it took three times for us. Sad face.