"When are you due?" Seriously??

I'm 5'6" 200 lbs, (so close to onderland!) & I've lost 18 in 66 days... & someone, a women, asked when I was due. I won't ask a women that unless they have told me they are expecting. I don't care how big or small they are. & I was feeling so good!!


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    That happened to me last summer....I'm 5'5" and was probably about 180lbs at the time. It was a cashier in a clothing shop....and there were several people in the queue behind me. I took a beat and said 'I'm not pregnant, just fat, thanks.'.....and she started to backtrack, blaming my dress, etc.....she ended up feeling flustered and I doubt she'll make that mistake again!!!!
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    got ask that at a check out line and im male "groans"
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    While at a friends Bachelorette party I was asked if I was pregnant. I was probably only ~120 lbs at the time too! But (sorry, TMI) I had a urinary tract infection & was only drinking water and was pretty bloated that weekend. So, okay... but you still don't ask someone that question no matter how drunk you are. She did say that I would have been the cutest little pregnant girl she's ever seen though. So um, thanks, I think.
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    It's amazing to me that people still do that! That happened to me years ago...wish I would have been brave enough to respond like maria!
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    I was asked that twice within two weeks last summer. Was a bummer because I had lost 30 lbs at that point. If nothing else it pi$$ed me off and made me join the gym so something good came out of it
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    Kuddos on the 18lb loss!! You're almost in the hundreds!
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    That happened to me, someone said when are you having yours? I assumed he meant when am I planning on having kids, so I said, I've had mine, so he said, oh is that just what's left over then? ...... I was gobsmacked and said I hope not he's 8!
    ... He was mortified with himself, his wife walloped him round the back of the head and... I threw away my blouse! Haha I wasn't even overweight then either! Honestly you only have to stand or lean the wrong way and that's it, I now try to always stand up straight!!!
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    I did that. ONCE

    I was so sure I could tell the difference between a baby and overweight.
    The next time I was sure, I stayed quiet. As it turned out, she wasn't pregnant either :ohwell:

    It happens, don't take it personally.

    Congrats on your 18lb loss :flowerforyou:
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    Lacey0903 wrote: »
    I'm 5'6" 200 lbs, (so close to onderland!) & I've lost 18 in 66 days... & someone, a women, asked when I was due. I won't ask a women that unless they have told me they are expecting. I don't care how big or small they are. & I was feeling so good!!

    People who ask that are just not using their brain. You just don't casually ask anyone if they are pregnant.
    I've been asked while the person patted my bulging stomach. It was hugely embarrassing and the person was horrified when I said no. At least I didn't have fertility issues and had the struggle of trying to conceive.
    I didn't think I looked super pregnant at the time and it hurt. Now I can admit that my body really is shaped like I'm pregnant when I am overweight. I can see how someone might assume I am pregnant. (They still shouldn't say it or pat my stomach ever!) It doesn't mean I should be more embarrassed because I gain most of my weight in my torso vs evenly over my body or the lower body. It is just the way it is for some of us to carry more weight in that area. I've lost 17 pounds and it will be awhile before I lose the pregnant look.

    You are doing great! You should feel good.
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    I just responded with "I'm not, but I've had two". She was mortified. The worse part is that there is an obviously pregnant girl at my office so they have someone to compare too! Laugh it off & run it out tonight. :smile:
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    the worst is with the belly pat. I've become careful about how I stand - if I don't stand up straight i've got pregnant belly look, probably b/c belly sticks out past boobs. standing up straight and finding clothes that give a shape to my waist help greatly.
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    I was 14 and a size 8 the first time I was asked that. So embarrassing. I've always carried my weight in my belly. One of my clients asks me regularly if I have a baby in my belly. He's 6 though, so I let it slide. I'm pretty certain it will take me a long time to lose the belly. My mom says even when I was little, I was tiny with a protruding belly. I didn't gain much on my thighs and backside until I got pregnant.
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    Something similar to this happened to me awhile ago (when I wasn't as overweight as I am now). I was meeting one of my friend's friends. The other girl asked my friend if I was the pregnant one she had been talking about....>.< NOPE!
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    I quit alcohol for a month in January and obviously when a woman is suddenly not drinking, she must be pregnant. Especially when she has a tummy like I do. So I would get a lot of questioning looks but I always averted the awful question by just saying "nope, not pregnant, just fat". That shut them up real good.
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    "Right about the time you quit assuming... You know what they say!"
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    Im so relieved to be honest that Im not the only one who gets these stupid comments! I worked as a temp last year at a law firm and one of the female lawyers there came over to me said hi, patted my stomach and said "Oooh when are you due?" I replied "Err no Im not pregnant, I just like cake." She practically ran away from me and avoided me for the rest of the time that I was there lol. Damn it these people need to learn some tact and hold true to the adage of unless someone tells you they're pregnant keep your mouth shut!
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    I carry my extra weight just like I carried my pregnancy weight, with a belly out to there. If I wasn't so grey-haired now, I am sure I would be fielding that question too. *hugs* Don't let it get to you. Just keep doing all the right things you have done to help you lose weight up to this point, and eventually no one will ever feel the need to ask that again.
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    More than once I was standing on a crowded Metro train and asked by someone seated in the handicapped/special needs seats if I wanted to sit (as they eyeballed my belly). Usually a "no, thanks" would suffice, but one guy was really insistent to the point where I said "I know you're trying to be kind, but I am not pregnant."
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    Lacey0903 wrote: »
    I'm 5'6" 200 lbs, (so close to onderland!) & I've lost 18 in 66 days... & someone, a women, asked when I was due. I won't ask a women that unless they have told me they are expecting. I don't care how big or small they are. & I was feeling so good!!

    Good for u I'm so proud of u !! Same thing happened to me last week I am down 20 lbs and felling great. Not only does no one seem to notice,a friend who is a woman, ask if I was expecting again :s. So frusting.
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    I was asked that once. My response was "about three years ago" (youngest nearing his 3rd birthday at the time).

    Definitely not a good question to ask, people!!! Hang in there OP. You're doing great!!