Is it really possible to gain 10 pound in 1 week ?

I lost 50 pounds over 9 months by greatly reducing fat and carbs in my diet. 2 weeks ago I went skiing in Colorado with my old high school friends for 6 days. I ate and drank like a "normal" person for a week. I left for this trip at 162 pounds and returned at 177. After being back for a few days I am back to 172. Those last 10 pounds originally took 5 months to lose. I am now wondering if the remaining 10 pound weight gain is for real, or mostly retention from a week of high carbs, fats, salt, wine etc.


  • StaciMarie1974
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    First question: were weighing conditions the same? Same time of day, same level of dress (or undress), etc.? Same scale, in the same place? If not then they're not comparable stats.

    But to the question: I'd say highly unlikely. Majority is probably water weight. Give it time.
  • pap3rw1ngs
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    It's probably water weight. I gained almost 10lbs following a 3 week vacation (not watching my calories at all) and lost it all within 3 weeks of being back on track.
  • Sugarbeat
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    I'm guessing its water retention. Higher amounts of sodium + higher amounts of exercise (I'm assuming here) can equal weight gain. It should level back out.
  • esjones12
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    Probably possible. I gained 5 pounds during 3 days in Mexico. Just go back to your regular eating habits (measuring and logging) and those pounds should fall back off fairly easily. Mine did in less than a week.
  • Daiako
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    Well just about anything is possible.

    Is it likely? No, not really.
  • HotPotato22
    I have gained 10 in a week before while on vacation and it took awhile to get off :/ Not five months though. It should fall off easier but it is very depressing how easy it is to put on!!
  • LKArgh
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    It sounds possible. Not very probable, but possible.
  • joepratt503
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    1lb = 3500 calories ultimately so you would have had to consume 35,000 extra calories over the course of 6 days. If you get back to the grind and pick up your diet where you left off most/all should be gone in a week or so.

    If not, that was a serious 6 day bender :)
  • cwolfman13
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    Mostly retention I would think...unless you were really just going ape *kitten*. But really, if you were skiing and whatnot, even going ape *kitten* shouldn't really matter...skiing all day burns an *kitten* load of calories.

    Also, did you fly? Flying causes a lot of water retention. I've weighed myself in the morning before a flight and then again the next day and I've been up 8 Lbs just from flying.
  • Sued0nim
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    I'd bet the carbs have a lot to do with it ...that's why you lose weight so quick in the beginning with low carb cos a huge amount is water which comes rushing back with the first day of "normal" carb eating
  • treas18bailey
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    I have heard that flying can cause water retention so if you flew this could be reason for the fluctuations
  • aplcr0331
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    What did the scale say before you vacationed? What did it say after? It was 10lbs higher, well that is your answer. You just proved you could do it, by actually...doing it.

    It should not matter if its from Carbs, Fat, Wine, etc. You are at a weight higher than before your vacation.

    Real questions are; Is this 10lbs a problem for you? Do you want to lose it?

    Good luck.
  • runnerchick69
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    Just like everyone is saying, it's mostly water. I put on 6 pounds when I was in Mexico and took it back off pretty quickly. I'm headed to Rome in a couple of weeks and I have no plans on logging calories and eating what I want because I know I'll get back on track once I get home :)
  • RavenLibra
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    I would say it depends on the number of rocks you fill your pockets with.... how heavy your clothes are when they are wet... and the amount of lead you add to your diet THAT week :oP
  • LuckyMe2017
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    I have been gaining .5-1 pound a day since last Monday. When you add the 2 pound I usually lose in a week, I am up 8 pounds in about 10 days while in a calorie deficit. I know some of it is water because my feet are puffy, but my goodness. I can imagine your frustration.
  • jenluvsushi
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    YES! And then you can also pee out 10 pounds the next week.....unless you are eating 5,000 calories OVER you maintenance calories a day, it is water.
  • LAWoman72
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    Over a week's period I've gained up to eight or so pounds in water and just literally the weight of all the food in the past.
  • cdn_beaver
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    Majority of it is water weight. You drop the water weight when you start eating low carb and it's the first thing to come back when you go back to eating heavy carbs.
  • Nony_Mouse
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    If by 'normal' you mean like you did before you started losing, then some of that is going to be real weight.
  • TheSatinPumpkin
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    yeah it sounds like water retention as mentioned. Couple weeks ago i gained 20+lbs over the weekend with very high sodium snacks. Lost the excess and a couple more over a 1 week period.