What nobody tells you about losing weight



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    On a serious note - I lost a lot of weight and ended up having a gall bladder issue. Two years ago I dieted pretty hard which resulted in me developing gall stones. I ultimately had to have my gall bladder removed. This doesn't happen to everyone, but it does happen.

    Maybe that's what caused my gall stones. I read that there are so many potential causes, weight loss included. I see a surgeon in three weeks and hope it comes out.

    Best of luck! I feel immeasurably better now that it's gone. I always felt like I had a pit in my stomach. If you do have it removed, try not to laugh too hard - it'll hurt!

    Thanks for the support!!! A "pit" is a very apt description.
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    DAM5412 wrote: »
    Your shoes may no longer fit.
    Don't be too quick to resize your wedding bands, most jewelers won't do it more than twice.
    Find and make friends with your local consignment shop, don't splurge too much on clothes until you reach (and have stayed for a while at) goal.
    Some of your friends and family members will not be supportive.
    It's not a linear process (especially for us girls)! Some days/weeks you will not lose anything and that's okay. Stick to your plan.

    Very true all of it. Especially some of your friends and family members may not be supportive. How do you work around that?