ABS: How many crunches do you do a day?

I'm doing 100 crunches a day. 2 Planks
I will be increasing to 300 a day, with more Planks.



  • Asher_Ethan
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    Hardly any... I like the plank and the V- pose more than crunches.
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  • arditarose
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  • Capt_Apollo
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    I'm doing 100 crunches a day. 2 Planks
    I will be increasing to 300 a day, with more Planks.

    why do you want your stomach to get bigger??
  • MagnumBurrito
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    Do squats and deadlifts, lose the fat by eating at deficit, and you'll have abs. Crunches will not get you there.
  • Willbenchforcupcakes
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    Zero. Zero direct ab work in my current program because my core consistently tests more then strong enough to need it.
  • Kiwi_Made
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    Precisely zero crunches
  • jennifershoo
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  • middlehaitch
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    Ugh, hate them, wouldn't do them if you paid me.
    Well ok but it would have to be six figures.
    Cheer, h.
  • sugarnspice33
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    Working on abs as well. Afraid of having extra skin if I lose anymore weight. I'm 127lbs ; 5'4"
    I do 150 crunches with alternating planks. For example 50 crunches 1 min plank, repeat 2x's
    attached are photos. With my arms down it's clear I have excess fat, arms raised my abs r formingw55e3yakwuqa.jpg

    1. Tallawah_
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      You're already doing more than enough crunches and planks. You need to focus on losing fat. More overall strength or cardio training whichever is your preference.
    2. Azexas
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    3. Packerjohn
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      Zero. I do compound movements like squats, and deadlifts and ab roll-outs, avoid exercises where I'm supported by a machine. I did have to do crunches for a test though and scored in the top 1% for my age group without doing a single crunch for at least 5 years.
    4. LKArgh
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      Why??? Do you have a specific issue with your abs you are trying to address? If yes, add some variety at least, doing hundreds of crunches per day is not the most efficient exercise and it sounds boring.
    5. JoRocka
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      zero crunches done daily.
      Zero crunches done weekly.
    6. redonkulousd
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      +1 on compound movements for abs. I don't do crunches. Planks are awesome though.
    7. I did a crunch the other day and forgot how much they suck. But I do love working abs, so I do a lot of variations of sit ups, planks ...etc . Honestly though, like everyone said, you'll get the definition from proper diet. I just work abs because I like the wotkout.

      Here's something stupid to add lol: before I went into the hospital a few years back, I knew there was a good possibility I'd lose much use for my arms for a while. In order to get in and out of bed, I knew I'd need some serious abs, so I did 300 sit ups/day to prepare. I ended up with an ugly rug burn on my butt but I did have some strong abs.

      Do something else. Really.
    8. Graceious1
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      Not much because I am not a fan and do other type of exercises which engage abdominals. Before I wised up I used to do lots every day and noticed that my gut looked swollen. I immediately stopped and eventually it went down. I can think of other exercises much more exciting than crunches!
    9. SilverRose89
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      No crunches.

      Recently started Stronglifts though. Should I be crunching too? :neutral_face:
    10. Graceious1
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      @SilverRose89‌ I am in my 3rd week of Strong Lifts. I don't think you need to crunch but those of us who are strong lifters do other exercises to complement it. :)