Hit my goal weight..

I lost the 5lbs I was hoping to, and now I need motivation to stay at this weight. I'm a big yo-yo'er in weight, and just want to stick at this weight. Any words of advice??


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    Find out your estimated daily caloric need, keep it that way for a full week. If you lost or gained than adjust until you find your daily caloric intake :)
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    First of all, congratulations! Second of all -- keep up your new habits, the ones that helped you lose the weight rather than going back to your old habits.
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    Replace your weight loss goal with other goals - maintenance isn't the end, just a new beginning.
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    Agreed! Focus on a lifestyle change-good habits in food choices and exercise opportunities.
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    I lost the 5lbs I was hoping to, and now I need motivation to stay at this weight. I'm a big yo-yo'er in weight, and just want to stick at this weight. Any words of advice??

    When you say that you're a big "yo-yo'er in weight," what is the range? It is completely normal for weight to fluctuate from day to day or week to week. It will be extremely difficult to keep your weight exactly the same each day because diet and activity level change daily, so you might find that you weigh .5 pound heavier one day. That's OKAY.

    I saw on your profile that you're looking to be more fit. Make goals for what that looks like and make a plan. Make sure that eating to feed your body is part of it.
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    make sure to continue logging. That's the only way I know to maintain. It's worth the effort!
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    I guess the first part to answer is if you plan on continuing any type of exercise/fitness routine? you can slowly bring up your calorie intake to see where your sustaining point will be, but as another person stated, expect to have some fluctuation from week to week as there are so many variables that play into your weight. Can you be happy with a 2 lb or less gain/loss every week?
    Try to look at what has worked for you now and plan on sticking with it for the most part, again, depending on your exercise/fitness routine.

    Good luck!
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    First off, congratulations!

    I would recommend continuing your same exercise/fitness routine and eating habits you've developed along this journey that's gotten you here. Continue to weigh in regularly, and make adjustments if your weight ends up going too far in one direction or the other.

    If you've been logging, I would suggest continuing for a few more weeks just to make everything is going well; however, unlike some of the posters above, I would actually recommend taking a week or two and seeing how your weight reacts when you spend a little bit of time without logging. You can always come back to it, but I think the biggest thing about maintenance is finding a way to do things that lasts for the rest of your life.

    Good luck!
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    Congrats. That is a great feeling.

    I have to log or I will get way off track. I know some can go without however I am a very visual person so to see what I am eating helps me the most. I have not changed my workouts at all.