Gym-phobic Newbie seeking a cure.



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    In addition to being the new person at the gym, I've been the new fatassery person at the gym ;) Some people will judge, depending on the gym, remember that they don't effing matter. Ever. Most people will either not judge at all or secretly admire you for getting your fat *kitten* out there and doing it.

    I personally started off with 20 minutes on the treadmill at 2.0 mph, three times per week, while changing how I ate. I eventually worked that up to longer and faster and then started switching it up with the elliptical, within a few months, I added in the weight machines twice a week. In other words, I went really, really slow. Oh, and I added in yoga.

    Had I had the money, I would have added in a couple sessions with a personal trainer and started on the strength training sooner. I eventually did that, about 11 months into my journey and after a lot of reading that free weights were going to serve me WAY better than machines. I had 2 1-hour sessions to work on form. My advice if you do this (and I do recommend you do this) is that you are clear and firm on what you want. My trainer had a hard time realizing I actually really meant it when I said I wanted to deadlift and do squats and not on the gd smith machine. I wasn't assertive enough and spent a great deal of the 2 hours learning things I didn't need.

    So - take it slow, take it light, and if you can swing it, get a trainer and get some good strength moves now. It may be with dumbbells and not bars, or it may just be with bodyweight (I say just -- hah! Bodyweight is awesome for working out), but get the moves down and get a good routine. As you progress, you may want to do it again and get some new moves, maybe some barbells in there if you didn't before, for example.

    I love swimming too, and water aerobics is a great way to get some good cardio and some good strength without shredding your knees even more.

    Yoga as a fatass is totally doable. I wasn't sure at my full glory of 300 pounds if I should do it, but I did, and it was awesome. Yoga goers as a rule are very non-judgmental. We all look a bit ridiculous and awesome ;) Also, you can modify anything. I was flexible, but my fat rolls totally got in the way of some moves. Also, my lower back 'shelf' above my booty was sensitive even to a light touch when I was morbidly obese, so just getting onto my back to do certain exercises was painful - I learned quickly how to modify and get the most out of it so I could build into more and more.

    So yep - get ye to the gym! Do a good mixed workout. Start slow and steady and don't freak out, just move :) You've got this!
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    I second everyone above in the idea that a PT is a great way to start. You'll learn proper form and it will be extra motivating. I also found that when I started at my gym it helped ease the intimidation with all of the fitness buffs around. You need to try a bunch of different activities to determine which ones are the best for you...but I really think a variation of cardio and strength training is important. Strength training will help to increase muscle which will increase your metabolism. Cardio is good for your heart and helps to burn calories right away which will help with weight loss.

    On the awkward point, I was always worried about what people thought of me in the gym but honestly, most of the time everyone's so zoned in to their own workout that they won't even really notice anyone else. So please don't be intimidated! Everyone's at the gym to better themselves and they all had to start somewhere! Congratulations on deciding to stop making excuses and changing your habits. I'm rooting for you girl!
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    Healthy diet for weightloss, workout regimine for fitness. Many people find it easier to just start with cardio. Walking and eventually jogging on the treadmill... or just hopping on the elliptical for 30min is a good start. I will say that you need to incorporate some weight training at some point sooner rather than later. Seriously. I completed New Rules of Lifting for Women last year and had such amazing results I really wondered why I didn't do it sooner. Some people try to lose the weight through cardio then "tone up" later. But I say... why not do both simultaneously? If your gym offers classes that's a good way to begin also. This way you might not seem "singled out" as much because you're in a room full of people doing the very same thing. Hang out at the back of the room until you get the hang of it... then move up as you get your confidence. Good luck - you can do it!
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    Love your post. Funny yet serious!
    I wasn't all that thrilled when I first stepped in a gym 13 yrs ago. I felt fat, weak and stupid. I was afraid a personal trainer would try to suck my money dry, and was totally comfy with a simple gym tour and I spent most of my time at cardio stations because I felt safe there! They didnt require a lot of instructions and I could sit back (or jog in place) and observe what the weight section of the gym looked like, got a lay of the land and then when I was ready I ventured over (took a few weeks).
    Now I prefer the weight room!

    Just get there and go in with an open mind and positive attitude. Plenty of people will offer support (some unsolicited) and you will not be made fun of. Honest.

    Good luck
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    I have always (27 years) been a member of a gym that has a spa in it...a whirlpool, sauna, steam bath and outdoor and indoor pool. I like being able to reward myself right after I am done working out...and in this type of gym I can.

    If I were you I would GO SHOPPING and buy yourself a work out outfit that you just love and that will help to ease the discomfort of the new environment.

    No one can really tell you what you will love and what will be best - go and try lots of different things.

    Other than matter what type of gym you choose you will remain uncomfortable until you have been there so often it just feels like "home"
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    pagefan wrote: »
    I hope they meant something other than this...>With regards to your diet, rather than making healthy choices, you could use MFP for its calorie counting facility ... Because eating at a defecit works < because if they meant, just eat at a deficit and not choose healthy voluminous foods, then, I WANT TO SCREAM.. MAKE HEALTHY CHOICES. you want to re train your body to crave healthy food.. sure, you can deficit with a diet of "Wendy's" tacos and ice cream but that will also put your total badass back to fatass in no time flat.. abs are made in the kitchen and the adage, you are what you eat. is TRUE. I am lucky, have always been a gym/ and or work out person / have some limitations now due to a post back surgery nerve thing.. any advice or info, just friend me. I'm a good coach. Once you drop some weight, your knees (and the rest of you will thank you) love that you are ready... that's the first big step. I'd try a small boutique facility / trainer, and see what you are capable of and start small.. one sit up. one squat . one push up. a day. you get the idea. Happy WORK OUT !

    Nope I didn't so you might as well go ahead and scream

    I meant eat to a calorie defecit...get that sorted, consider your protein and fat macros and get a wide spread of nutrients

    But don't demonise food or food groups ...if you want it or crave it make it work within your calorie defecit
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    I wouldnt get a personal trainer (in my opinion) and instead take that money (if you plan to spend money, that is) and invest it in a treadmill or elliptical (whichever you think is better for your knees), as well as as some weights, be it hand weights or kettlebell or a training barball and some disks, whichever you think you are more comfortable with. I don't know how comfortable you are with investing in these things, but weights arent very expensive since you will probably be starting low, like maybe 10 lbs or so hand weights arent very much. as for the elliptical or treadmill, you CAN find them on craiglist ranging from 100-300 $ (Thats where I got my stuff anyways) but always remember to be safe and bring a friend if you do that.