Should I add calories for partial breastfeeding and if so how many?

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In many weight loss programs people are advised to add energy for the breastfeeding. If fully breastfeeding you get more than if only breastfeeding in addition to meals (which I do I only breastfeed in addition-my daughter already eats meals and snacks-and i have the feeling she not always drinks but sometimes just sucks for comfort when breastfeeding her...).
I read something about 100-280 calories for partial breastfeeding. What do you think add the calories or not and if so how many? Maybe you should also know that I lost weight before not taking that into consideration...and that I am a smaller frame and lower weight so probably produce less than heavier people. How do you do it if you are breastfeeding?


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    There's an article here:

    That says 500 calories is acceptable for breastfeeding moms. I've had a hard time tracking everything since baby came, but I am getting more exercise and eating well generally speaking.

    The way I've figured my MFP is to up my level of activity setting-- so if I'm normally sedentary, I move it to be lightly active. Or higher if I want to be allowed more calories daily.
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    Thank you and great that you figuered it out for yourself!