How to get started running?



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    Walking has nearly the same benefit as running but without the impact and with a reduced risk of injury. I love to run but keep getting injured so I also walk a lot.

    To get the same calorie burn while walking it will require more time than running.
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    I started walking an hour and I'd burn 250 calories at least what machine says. Now I can max the incline and burn 1200 in an hour and could do more but board. Just start walking and you can do it :)
    My knees were almost ripped off in a machinery accident and bolted back on and I've no acl's and knees are shot and I can do it.
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    Start with small you have done with cutting out pop. Then move on to another small a breakfast that is nutrient dense and lower in calories than your normal breakfast...don't worry about the rest of your day just focus on breakfast for one week...then when the next week starts..keep your new breakfast changes and add another small change like your morning snack or lunch.

    walking is great and C25K is a fantastic program and any moving you do is good for your body
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    You also, as a first step, if you are REALLY wanting to start running, should be fitted with a GOOD pair of shoes.
    Are there any certain brands or styles that you would suggest? I literally buy the same shoes every time I need new ones because I have oddly shaped feet or something and its hard to find shoes that fit right. I currently have Sketchers Elite w/ Memory Foam.

    Not necessarily.

    If you go to a running store they will pick out several styles for you based on analyzing your gait, looking at your arches, stability, etc.

    My first pair were Saucony and my ones I have now are Brooks. Totally depends. The stores I went to watches you run bare foot on a treadmill, stand on this balance pad, then have you custom fitted for insoles.

    You'll spend a pretty penny, but if you want to start running, a good pair of shoes is key to preventing injury. I'm thinking about getting another pair so I can rotate between the two.

    I also agree with talking to your doctor. I'm a Type I diabetic so I see my doctor all the time anyway-and she always wants me to increase physical activity.

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    I wanted the super cute hot pink Nikes. Unfortunately, they were very minimalist and according the running store I need a shoe with good support as I have a very high arch (who knew). I'm currently in a pair of brooks glycerins. It is my 2nd pair and they are seriously the most comfortable shoe I've ever worn. I would never have picked them on my own because they were $150 and not the cutest.

    LOVE Glycerins for a slightly heavier runner. Worth every penny. Just retired one pair. The good news is that as you lose weight and get stronger, you can move into a more minimalist shoe if you want... I replaced my Glycerins for longer runs because they feel so darn good, but I did get a pair of New Balance Boracays for speed runs and races.

    Anyway, good shoes, C25K, and most importantly, have fun!