Looking for some motivating friends in their dirty 30's!!!

I am looking for some friends that can help motovate me, share stories, and call me out when needed. I have a love of food, and am trying to get that under control. I am also looking for more ways to get fitness into my life.

Any takers??? Extra points if your eyecandy!


  • PinkCoconut
    PinkCoconut Posts: 655 Member
    Feel free to friend me! I'm always looking to make new friends! :)
  • jenndiddy
    jenndiddy Posts: 9 Member
    I'm down around 70 lbs, hovering around 120 now, I'm 5'4" and 35, had 3 kids in the last 5 years! I'm a former classic over eater. YOU can do it! Friend me if you like!
  • rsmrodgers
    rsmrodgers Posts: 11 Member
    Im about to be 34. Ive lost 20lbs so far. Please friend me if you'd like.
  • Jrtbz
    Jrtbz Posts: 14 Member
    Hi, I used to be embarrassed of my love for food because it was for BAD food.
    Now I say I have love for GOOD food. It actually helps me stay on point.
    Do you have small controlled amounts of your fave foods? Or does that
    open the floodgates to over eating?
  • runnrchic
    runnrchic Posts: 130 Member
    Feel free to friend me. I try to process my own food as much as possible. My kitchen scale is like a 3rd arm.
  • FITM0M30
    FITM0M30 Posts: 75 Member
    I am 30 and just started trying to lose weight (again) feel free to add me.
  • roxyyrainy123
    roxyyrainy123 Posts: 44 Member
    31 and obsessed over food still! But am getting control the natural way!! Add me!
  • gamesandgains
    gamesandgains Posts: 640 Member
    2 years shy of 30 but I'd love to help support
  • ReneeDawalga5100
    ReneeDawalga5100 Posts: 177 Member
    Thanks guys. I still try and eat smaller portions of the yummy stuff. Sometimes my stop button is on a day off ;)
  • Friend me too. Anyone. I'm 35. New to MFP. Struggling.
  • Ellaskat
    Ellaskat Posts: 386 Member
    37; down 12 pounds and 4 sizes in 9 weeks. My husband is a chef, and I now cook all our food. We love food- nothing is off limits, I just fit in my cals.
  • JenniferInCt
    JenniferInCt Posts: 431 Member
    Im 30 and down 26lbs so far. I eat real food, just less of it. And i allow myself treats as long as they fit my calorie goal. Feel free to add me if youd like.
  • Folger5
    Folger5 Posts: 15 Member
    33 and wanting to lose 30 more lbs of leftover baby weight. I'm trying to retrain my brain to make smarter, healthier choices the majority of the time and treat myself in moderation. It takes focus, planning and work but I've lived too much of my adult-life as a care-free over-indulger and my waistline has paid the price.
  • roselynscott84
    roselynscott84 Posts: 3 Member
    30 year old. Down 15lbs. Currently 150lbs. Goal is to get to 130-135lbs. Add me!
  • Bulls_23
    Bulls_23 Posts: 199 Member
    Hey, there's nothing bad about the 30's!

    Well, I'm 30 on the dot for what it's worth, but recently decided I need to get in better shape!
  • ForeverSunshine09
    ForeverSunshine09 Posts: 966 Member
    31 down 15lbs down 155 right now but, hoping to get to 120 maybe 110. I am 5'4. I usually make one small treat work a day. I am a hardcore pre logger which keeps me on track most days. Anyone can add me if they want to.
  • sweetkimrn
    sweetkimrn Posts: 44 Member
    Anyone can add me if you want. I'm 34. I struggle with losing weight because I love to eat! !!!
  • jamiereed486
    jamiereed486 Posts: 12 Member
    31 and trying to lose the baby weight from my 6mo old. Down 20, 60 to go!! Let's do this, feel free to friend me :)
  • MsTiff1981
    MsTiff1981 Posts: 214 Member
    Hi I am 34 and trying to lose another 20 lbs to start with. Add me always looking for supportive friends.
  • dragonfly256
    dragonfly256 Posts: 46 Member
    Feel free to add me. I am 35 and I am trying to lose weight too. I could use the encouragement and accountability too!