Before and after only 3 weeks and 5lb.. crazy difference!

so i was feeling pretty down last week thinking i wasnt doing so well because i had only lost 5lb but then i took progress pics and i cant believe the difference!
I'm a single mum of an 18 month old as well as going college and running a household but i decided enough was enough! Im eating around 1200 kcal a day trying to choose healther foods with more balanced C.P.F levels. I am also working out around 4 times a week, doing a mix of H.I.I.T, cardio and strength training. My fitness has already improved drastically, when i started i couldnt even run for 10mins! I've had several fall backs, eating takeout or like last night having a few alcoholic drinks without realising the amount of calories but i'm focused and my body is changing. these pics were taken on day 1 and day 21, ive now lost another 2lb and inch of my waist and hips.. got another stone and a half to loose, watch this space!!
please excuse my horrendous underwear in the pics haha!
also add me, i would love more encouragement and to encourage others!


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