Good site for building macros

ok...don't really know much about macros and wanting to get my diet and intake a little more organized. Anyone know a good place to start constructing some macros? Already lost about 160 lbs with diet and exercise, but looking to build muscle/reduce fat. thx


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    Google "scooby's calculator". It's a great place to start. You could also use Or use multiple and average them out.....
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    Personally, I used this topic to help set my macros and I know others have had success with it, as well:
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    (Stands for If It Fits Your Macros. Just enter your height, weight, gender, and activity level and it will construct a macro plan to fit your goals.)
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    I found this one useful:

    I don't do the fasting part. Used to roughly calculate TDEE and get Macros. I actually upped my carbs based on what was recommended though. It seems to be geared more towards lifters and I need more carbs for running.
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    This post by MFP member vismal helped me -

    - I see a lot of over complication here. First, calculators all mostly suck. The IIFYM one particularly sucks. Don't put tons of faith into it. It gives you a fine enough starting point but you are going to have to alter your numbers based on results. All too often people use a calculator, don't lose weight, and don't know what went wrong. I would take an even simpler method of determining macros. Take your weight in lbs, multiply by 10. That number is your calories. Take your weight in lbs, multiply by 0.7, that's your grams of protein. Take your weigh in lbs, multiply by 0.3, that's your fats in grams. That give you (rounding your weight to 150) 1500 calories, 105 protein, 45 fat. Those are your minimums. You must hit 105 protein and 45 fat each day while staying at 1500 calories. Carbs are flexible. If you hit exactly your minimums on protein and fat, you would have 169 carbs. You don't have to have that many carbs though, you can have extra protein of fat if you want. This allows for flexibility. That's the whole idea when you do IIFYM. Before it was called by the acronym is was simply called flexible dieting. Trying to hit all 3 macro goals every day isn't flexible, it's also not important for results. This is the worst thing that came with the acronym. For some reason people got it in their heads that they needed to hit all 3 numbers every day. That isn't flexible and that is never how flexible dieting was supposed to work. Just hit your protein and fat minimums, then use extra calories however you see fit.

    Adjust your total calories per day based on your actual results. Not losing fast enough or at all? Reduce them. Trial and error is better then the calculators 100% of the time.