Calories you eat with weight loss totals



  • adamitri
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    1. 1310
    2. Yes, I eat some of my exercise calories back.
    3. 60 lbs in a little under a year.
  • abarriere
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    1. 1925
    2. Yes and No, the 1925 takes into account my activity level (exercise 5 days a week - 2 days with trainer, 3 on my own)
    3. 13 lbs since January, want to lose 35-40 more
  • erickirb
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    malibu927 wrote: »
    1. 1875
    2. No, I follow TDEE instead
    3. 61.8 pounds in 14 months

    If you follow TDEE you are eating your exercise calories back, you are just averaging them out for the week.
  • kristydi
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    1. Currently 1590
    2. Yup, I eat most, if not all exercise calories
    3. I've lost 40 pounds total, but how long gets confusing because I lost around 25 pounds then I got pregnant, had a baby and maintained till she was 2 before focusing on losing again.
  • slittle80
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    Losing versus maintaining

    1. 1800 (2400)
    2. No, I only eat back calories on double days when needed for energy
    3. 60 pounds in 6 months

    After losing I upped my calories slowly to 3200 and did a bulk cycle, then dropped them to maintain and recomp.
  • jacquemartin
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    1. 1580
    2. Usually, burn about 600/day eat about 450-500 back
    3. 50 lbs in past 6 months
  • Csszal
    Csszal Posts: 9 Member
    1. 1695
    2. Nope, my goal is set with exercise in mind
    3. 8 lbs in 6 weeks
  • cuckoo_jenibeth
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    1. 1200kcal/day
    2. I do not eat back exercise calories
    3. 63 pounds, almost 9 months
  • xcalygrl
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    1. 2000
    2. Kind of. I follow TDEE, so they are worked into my daily allowance. But no, I don't track exercise and eat those "earned" calories back.
    3. I'm recomping/maintaining at the moment, but I have lost 63 pounds total. I think it took me 9-10 months to lose it, but it's been several years since I lost the weight so I don't remember exactly.
  • earlnabby
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    1. Currently 1760/day (Started at 1900)
    2. Yes. On average about 50%
    3. 99.2 lb in just under 15 months (so far)

  • Briargrey
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    1. About 1700-1800/day (set at 1400 + calorie eatback for exercise, and TDEE method puts me around 1750 so I try to keep it around there) - some days I'm closer to 1400, some days I'm way over - it's all a balance!
    2. Yes, but I don't use MFP's calorie burn #s. I round down from what the machine gives me, if I'm using a machine (assuming they overestimate too but MFP REALLY does), and I drastically round down if I'm using the MFP #s. I also don't eat them all back - I try to keep myself under 1800 (TDEE - 20%) most days.
    3. 126 pounds in 18 months, last 6 months of not really tracking/paying attention = maintaining mostly (gained about 3 pounds, which all things considered is pretty awesome for me)

    I'd like to hit 145 at some point this year, but I'm taking it slow and not stressing out.
  • overin2015
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    Thanks to all of you for posting. This has been so encouraging. The success is fantastic and you should all be SO proud!
  • minties82
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    I eat half back
    I've lost 44lbs/20.1kg since Jan 4th (12 weeks ago this Sunday)

    The weight dropped off quickly at the start. I averaged 4lbs per week for about 8 weeks. Slowing down now.
  • nicoleromine
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    1. Between 2200 - 2400 calories a day.
    2. Sort of. I use the TDEE method.
    3. 65 pounds in 7 months. I then bulked for 14 weeks, and I just started my cut.
  • Angierae75
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    1. 1410
    2. Yes, I eat what my Fitbit gives me (I am set to sedentary but walk 10k steps a day most days, so it gives me 300-400 more)
    3. 24 pounds in 25.5 weeks, but it hasn't been linear.

    My goal was 1 lb per week.
  • GetThatRunnersHigh
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    1. 1200 while losing, 1500 maintaining (sedentary work).
    2. 25% back while losing, 50-75% maintaining.
    3. 48 pounds in 24 weeks. Restricted too much to average 2 lb/week weight loss during those last 6 weeks, strongly do not recommend.
  • MrsRuh
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    Last year:
    Lost 15 lbs in 3 months
    1200 Calories, no exercise, no energy. holidays came and I failed myself. Gained 10 of those pounds back.

    Two weeks ago:
    Decided to give it a different approach.
    Hired a trainer/nutritionist and adjusted my macro split
    1200 calories base
    5 days of exercise, eat back at least half of my exercise, mostly protein though
    4lbs down so far and my energy is through the roof
  • overin2015
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    Thanks for sharing everyone. This info is so helpful for all of us starting out and trying to find goals.
  • PaulaWallaDingDong
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    1)1500 (by choice. MFP would have me on 1690 sedentary)
    2)Some of them, only if I need to. I'm getting out of the habit of eating when I don't need to.
    3)15 lbs in 9 weeks
  • saires_au
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    Current 1650 calories a day
    I eat exercise calories if I want something above my total so about 30-50% depending on the week
    Weight loss 13.2kg in 12 weeks 8.6kg to lose

    I have actually been increasing my calories as I go to make this lifestyle change more sustainable to me. Started at 1450 calories. We i gloss goal is set to 0.5kg per week