Newbie :) Almost 300 pounds and scared to death



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    My suggestions would be to set small goals such as 10 pounds in the next 2 months. Small goals are easier to achieve and reduce stress. Also log every BLT( bite lick and taste) that goes in your mouth! When I started MFP I could walk only 2 minutes and now on a good day 60. An app for your phone called Happy Scale lets you set small goals. Good luck! You can do this!
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    Hi!! :) Glad to have you join the MFP community!! :) I started out at 278ish and am currently down to (the scale said this morning) 215, I still would like to get down to 140-150 so I still have a little ways to go. It can get discouraging to think about how much you have to lose, but just keep going, keep trying, you'll feel better anyways. I've been kind of plateaued on the scale for the past 5 months but clothes are feeling looser, just remember, if you're weight training inches are more important than pounds. I'd really love to help you and motivate you if you'd like? :) Anyone can feel free to add me, I always love having new friends!!
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    I started at 272. Nothing saps your motivation like doing nothing and facing the abyss of hopelessness. Nothing motivates you more than each little success. Just record everything. Don't even worry about whether you are below or above your goal for the day. Just record. Resist the temptation to fudge the facts (pun intended!). You are only lying to yourself. Pretty soon you will find yourself just gravitating toward foods that are satisfying but that don't leave you without some more calories for the rest of the day. That's the beginning of forming a new food habit. I had a "binge" day last week - but my "binge" was on salad, taboulli, and salmon. Yes I went over my calories a bit for the day, but it wasn't on ice cream or spaghetti, and that says an awful lot about how much I have changed in what I crave to eat.

    We can do it.

    oh - and ps - you start noticing things long before you hit your goal. I now walk up stairs without the handrail and without losing breath. And I am still at 219!
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    UGH...stairs. I actually have an anxiety attack if I know I have to go up even one set of stairs with someone else, because I know they will see me struggle. I'm so ready for change!
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    You really can do it.

    Here's some advice I put together based on my experience:

    Good luck!
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    I refused to weigh myself when I first started because in my heart I knew if I saw how much I did weight I would tell myself there is no way I can do it and then just not even try. Well I've done it and I'm not done yet, but I've lost half of me and OMG do I feel a difference. And just so you know I was sitting here eating some buggles at 8:30 in the morning typing this and reading it as I go and thought wth am I doing this for, so the buggles are gone.

    Anyway you can do this. If you don't have a support system at home get you one here. Find people who not only want to help you but are eager to support you. Find people who eat the same things you do and the way you do that way your not being put down because you had an off day and had to little or you had an off day and had to much, or you decided you wanted 1800 calories of junk today instead of 1800 calories of fresh from the market foods. Whatever you choose to do. Never be afraid to mix it up. Be prepared to ask questions and be prepared to get 1000 different answers. We all do our own thing but some will tell you their way is the only way because you know "SCIENCE" is on their side, but reality is everyone is different and although science in theory is supposed to work for everyone, in reality it doesn't. I find I do better without so much carbs, like pasta and breads, but others can eat that stuff all day and be just fine with it. I love ice cream but if I keep it at my house I'll eat the whole container so I found an alternative to ice cream and now it's all good.

    I just know that you can never give up, you just get back up and start again.
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    YOU CAN DO THIS!! :p Just remember you did not get to this weight took me Almost a year(with a break in between for BC treatments-surgery, radiation(slowed me down but kept going)) to lose 75 lbs-that was in 2005...have since regained 20 but determined to get it back off! You got this....there will be days you go over your goal..don't harp on it..just get back on your horse!!
    and remember its 80% nutrition- 20% exercise!! B)
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    I know the feelings you are talking about experiencing. It was a health issue for me not attached to my weight but something equally within my control. I put myself back on the treadmill and hung on to the sides while I walked at 2 mph...then I slowly increased the speed. That was four years ago...I now walk 3.5 mph uphill for 1/2 hour and use the eliptical for 1/2 5 times weekly. The fears...I am still dealing with.
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    I started 26 days ago at 283. As of five days ago I am at 272.3. So far, for me, it has been about making small changes in my activity level and learning more about portion sizes.

    Some small changes I've made--
    • Wake up 15 minutes earlier just to stretch. As of yesterday I can actually touch my nose to my knee for the first time since middle school!
    • I work a desk job, so I try to take a 10 minute walk every day around my building.
    • I make sure to always take the stairs. I have not used an elevator since starting. At first I would be winded going up one flight of stairs and then I would wheeze myself around the building. Now going up one flight of stairs is no big deal, neither is two or three. Small victory, I guess.
    • Breaking out the old Wii Fit and playing some Hula Hoop, just for fun!

    Of course, food is a large part of it too, and as I mentioned learning about portion sizes has really opened my eyes. Where I thought I was eating one serving to begin with, I was actually eating three (especially with rice and pasta.) I still eat all of the foods that I love. I love cooking and I love eating even more.

    I still go out for bi-weekly (paycheck) pizza too.

    Anyway, I know I'm going on and on. But I know that you can do it!

    I also noticed you're from Florida! Me too! Feel free to add me. :smile:
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    Just logging and seeing what you have been eating is going to help a lot! I started at 325 (currently 245). For me food was comfort and a boredom buster, I mostly ate without even thinking of it, so logging food and being aware of it has helped me lose 80 pounds so far. MFP is great at food awareness!

    As long as you are 100% honest with your logging, you will lose weight. As you start to shed pounds, moving around and logging will get easier. You have completed the first steps, keep it up!!
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    IWTBFCIN3 wrote: »
    My suggestions would be to set small goals such as 10 pounds in the next 2 months. Small goals are easier to achieve and reduce stress. Also log every BLT( bite lick and taste) that goes in your mouth! When I started MFP I could walk only 2 minutes and now on a good day 60. An app for your phone called Happy Scale lets you set small goals. Good luck! You can do this!

    Nailed it. Small Goals that you can see will lead to success. I can't remember where I read it but a wise person told me that my goal should be the next 1 pound loss, not the 75 I wanted to lose.

    Here is a link to a great example of success.

    A few more good reads to help you on this journey.
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    Great suggestions. I've found (in my 13 day newness & other times I have tried to lose) that the first 3-4 days were the most difficult. Almost like I am resetting my body for something better. I love what Juliet3455 said. Work on small goals. Every pound you shed should be recognized and celebrated.
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    I also have lots to lose and it's not easy but we CAN do it. Found this quote the other day and put it on my bathroom mirror. "Losing weight is hard! Maintaining weight is hard! Staying overweight is hard! CHOOSE YOUR HARD."
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    I'm no expert and this got to be a lot longer than I anticipated. Sorry about that.

    I started at 292 in Feb. 2014. As of this morning I am 175. You can do it. I am a typical mom to lots of kids with a busy schedule and small changes are what worked for me.

    *Make small goals...10 lbs worked well for me.

    *If you mess up...forgive and move on immediately. Don't blow off the entire day because you gave into the temptation of a donut for breakfast. One slip up won't ruin weeks of good choices but one slip up can lead to more slip ups if you aren't careful and if not checked it can lead to a bad place.

    *Remember that weightloss is not linear. There will be ups and downs on the scale. There will be times where it won't move for what seems like endless amounts of time. There will come a time where the weightloss will slow down and it seems like no matter what you do you can't seem to get the results you were getting when you started out or any results at all. Keep at it. Don't give up.

    *Take pictures and measurements. If you are anything like me it will take a while for your mind to catch up to your body. I still don't recognize myself in store windows. I still see myself as a much larger person. Even when the scale doesn't move there are times that differences can be seen in pictures or measurements and that will help you keep going.

    *Find some form of exercise you love and do it. I started with walking...ehh more a chore than fun for me. Then I got a mountain bike. I never miss a chance to use it. Now I am starting something that kind of resembles running. It has become a habit and my body craves the movement.

    There are some really motivational threads on here...unexpected benefits of weightloss is one that comes to mind and the success stories. This will be hard. You will think about quitting more times than you can count. You will wonder if it is all worth it. The years you add to your life will be worth it. I am a completely different person than I was a year ago.
  • Hi. I also need to loose 133lbs (I´m currently 286). I started 14 days ago (or so) and took white flour, sugar and yeast from my diet and i have lost in these 14 days around 6 pounds so I´m smiling all day.

    We CAN DO this :)
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    You guys are so beautiful and I love you already :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  • Keep it up! One day at a time.
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    I am very familiar with the fear and anxiety you might be feeling at the beginning.

    I wrote a similar post to yours on my first day:

    With the help of both an online and offline community of friends, I eventually succeeded beyond my original expectations.

    You can do it too.

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    Small attainable goals are the key. I started walking around my apartment complex at the beginning of this February with barely catching my breath. MFP is a great friend for me, it will tell you as is, no excuses. I lost 14 lbs so far and very excited about discovering new delicious healthy recipes almost every day. I eat everything, just count my calories here. It does not have to be a struggle at all. I treat calories just like money, u know how much u have to spend(eat), save aside(exercise), and plan accordingly. Nothing is complicated. You absolutely can do this!
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    Started a few days ago, and love this program. I keep track of everything that goes in my mouth, and the exercises. Never realized that crabmeat in store bag had so much sodium in it and the carbs on some of this food, wow.., this system is fantastic. Hang in there, I usually write down everything so I know when I have over done it...., lol