3rd shift friends??



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    I work a weekend night shift, 7pm to 7 am on Fri, Sat, Sun in an engine testing facility. My young, mostly slender coworkers live on pizza and energy drinks but I have been able to avoid that temptation for the most part but find it hard to avoid McDonalds in the morning on my route home :) I've been slipping a little lately but have lost 63 lbs since starting MyFitnessPal in March of last year.

    Oh my mcdonalds breakfast is so hard to resist i had a whole week where I went every morning but thankfully iv broken that habit!!!
  • kayy_08
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    10 pm to 7am. Iv got a feeling that everyone on night drinking monsters or red bull.but I'm trying to stay strong.

    Energy drinks are my down fall and lately coke has been and I never use to drink pop :'( I started drinking spark from advocare and that helped substitute for a while
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    kayy_08 wrote: »
    Energy drinks are my down fall and lately coke has been and I never use to drink pop :'( I started drinking spark from advocare and that helped substitute for a while

    Coke (pop) has been my downfall for years. If it was considered bad like alcohol/cigarettes/drugs I would have to be in an anonymous group. It is probably the reason I have failed every diet I have tried for the past decade. I've only been going 14 days this time, but I haven't slipped yet.

    Also I feel the pain of those who work in places that breed bad dieting. I go to law school. Every function has free pizza or chipotle, everyone drinks high calorie coffee, and on late nights everyone is ordering pizza or chinese. It is a struggle...
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    I work 6:45 pm to 7:15 am, the struggle is definitely real! Feel free to add :)
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    I currently work days but when I used to pick up night shifts (6:30p-7a) I would get so nauseated by 4-5am! And to stay awake on nights, junk food definitely abounds; or massive amounts of caffeine.

    Good luck to you OP. Try to get adequate sleep and be protective of your sleep health!
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    soverman86 wrote: »
    Night shift here too... 12hr nursing shifts where potlucks/cake/cookies are abound :/

    same here!! and unlimited pots of coffee!
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    About to start a midnight to 8am schedule EST , add me if you need more support :)
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    Just to let you all know, there are a couple of groups on MFP for night shift (or 3rd shift) peeps... if you use the search function with keywords like third/3rd/nights etc) you should be able to find a couple of the groups - (I cant remember the links or i'd post them for you) but they are good places to get lots of resources and info in dealing with the challenges of any shift work .. specially on those days you just CANNOT look at tuna at 3am LOL.. this is another popular thread for 3rd shift peeps too in case its any help.. cheers!
    - http://community.myfitnesspal.com/en/discussion/comment/31876450#Comment_31876450
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    I feel your pain. 11-7. Feel free to add me.
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    I rotate every week and find that I need caffeine so end up drinking a monster ultra. Since I've started MFP I am taking my lunch which has made a world of diffrence. I picked up triathlons last year but never lost weight even though a half iron. Now I've lost 10 in 3 weeks just recording calories with the same training.
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    Yes...I have been on the night shift for five years. I am trying to motivate myself to walk more starting today. I just started back on MFP.
  • Bluebrew
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    You can do it. Log in everyday after a while it's just habit
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    I work 10pm-6am. And just struggle daily with getting a sleep and reg life schedule. But I'm working on being disciplined enough to stay up till 1 or 2 and then sleep till 8 or 9. I go to the gym after work. It does give me a lot of energy at first but then I crash out soon after. My it works out.
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    Im a 3rd shifter 10pm-830am
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    3rd shift here as well. 10:30 -07:00 10 years and running.
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    I worked 3 12s on night shifts years ago. Changed jobs and went to second shift. Hated it. Transferred and went to first shift and loved it! But now I'm back on thirds. I work 11pm to 7am and it's been hard changing shifts and trying to keep a routine down.
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    add me too! i work 11-7 wednesday- sunday! :(
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    kayy_08 wrote: »
    Anyone work or live on a midnight schedule? I need friends! Everyone in my life lives on a day schedule and it's getting quite depressing, along with all my coworkers eating pizza and cake and fast food all night long! In need of encouraging friends

    I have worked 11pm-7am for a decade now. At one point I was working 7pm-7am. Everyone at my job always orders food too, so I make sure to pack a lunch and take it with me every night. It usually completely deters me from eating badly!
  • Rooter1988
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    My schedule is like this. Monday thru Saturday

    0700-1500 Free time (I try to work out and clean during this time)
    1500-2000 Daddy time (5year old daughter)
    2000-2130 2nd Workout time/Wife time/ Study Time
    2145-0700 Get ready for work and go to work

    Tuesday-Saturday Morning
    0715-0930 Get kid ready for school/Workout
    0930-1500 crash nap time ZZZZZZ
    1500-2000 Daddy time (5year old daughter)
    2000-2130 2nd Workout time/Wife time/Study Time
    2145-0700 Get ready for work and go to work

    You can do it. it sucks at first but once you get going you cant be stopped. Just listen to your body in those times you may get sick or need healing time. But all in all its "Mind over Matter"!!! B)
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    Yes. I totally feel your pain. I work 4pm to 4:30am and all of my co-workers eat out every single night. And of course the only thing available that late is pizza and fast food.