36g of banana and nut oatmel enough for breakfast?

Alright so I plan on eating a pouch of 36g instant oatmeal with banana and nut, it's from quaker and only 140 calories. Now I was thinking should I add an egg? Or is this enough?


  • katarina005
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    I think it kinda depends on what else you are going to eat that day but if you're looking for fuel before you work out, I heard you have to have protein too as well as fruit. I would not expect that the dried banana in the mix is real good, fresh is probably a better bet.
  • tycho_mx
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    well, some people skip breakfast altogether. So do whatever works. Even for working out might be enough for a short (<1 h session) if you're properly fuelled from the previous night.
  • jddnw
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    I would definitely add two eggs. And I would go with old fashioned or steel cut oats.
  • ana3067
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    140 calorie breakfast is sad breakfast.
  • paradi3s
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    Would you be hungry after? If yes, eat more. If no, have it for lunch.
    listen to your body!
  • malibu927
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    Everyone's different. I just ate a Quest bar, yogurt, and a breakfast burrito, adding up to about 520 calories. Most days I'm more in the 400-450 calorie range, some I'm over. Everyone handles eating in the morning their own way, including not at all.
  • Original_Beauty
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    No where near enough 0_0
  • lozzyhunxx
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    I'd add an egg; when I used to have only oatmeal for breakfast, my stomach would rumble after a couple of hours. Now, I have about 50g of oatmeal with greek yogurt (for protein). So, I'd say yes to an egg if you're not going to eat for over 2 hrs.

    My breakfasts are usually about 250-300 calories. :)
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    enough for what? what are you trying to accomplish?
  • mkakids
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    If your hungry after - eat more. If not...its OK.

    You don't have to eat breakfast to lose weight.
  • 4legsRbetterthan2
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    don't eat breakfast, eat a small breakfast, eat a huge breakfast; as long as it fits into your calorie goal and makes you happy there is no "right or wrong"
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    Sounds sad
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    I see, thanks everyone
  • DataSeven
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    It's enough if you're not hungry until lunch. There's no rule that's 100% true for everyone. I would advise trying it out and if you get hungry before lunch then maybe have some protein, like a greek yogurt or a boiled egg. For some people the oatmeal might be enough, but for me I know I would get way hungry before dinner time. My best advice would be to try it and see.