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Hi everyone!

I've managed to lose the weight I've wanted to using My Fitness Pal and am currently really happy with my weight, so it's now time for me to start focusing on toning up. I run most days and attend fitness classed in the gym, but I'm planning on introducing a small morning work-out to my routine, such as sit ups, crunches, planks etc. In particular I'd like to tone my stomach a bit so it's a bit flatter. I was just wondering does anyone have a routine they could recommend me? How many sit ups should I do to start an effect?

Thank you!!


  • socioseguro
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    Congratulations for achieving your target weight. Kudos.
    You are in the right track for continuing your healthier lifestyle.
    My suggestion is to start weightlifting.
    Unfortunately, nobody can spot reduce. Your stomach fat will eventually decrease when the rest of your body loses some fat.
    I do not do sit ups for my core. I prefer planks, pushups, bridges, standing rows, etc. That is just me.
    Good luck in your healthy journey
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    There's a website- PopSugar fitness. They have core routines to strengthen.