I choose a healthy lifestyle because....



  • musclegood_fatbad
    musclegood_fatbad Posts: 9,809 Member
    Because I never want my fitness level to hold me back from doing anything. I want to be able to compete in sports and have a great time doing it. I want to be healthy and when I start a family, I want to set a great example.
  • njfitnessmom
    njfitnessmom Posts: 345 Member
    Because I enjoy working out. I love how it makes me feel and how I look. I love how it makes me look much younger that I really am. I want to live a healthy lifestyle so that I'm around for my kids and can be active with them.
  • suefairy123
    suefairy123 Posts: 52 Member
    Each and every one of you motivate me to keep going forward. thank you ♥
  • Wetterdew
    Wetterdew Posts: 142 Member
    Because feeling lithe, strong, and nimble is so much better than feeling slow and bloated.
  • jj_steele
    jj_steele Posts: 71 Member
    I choose to be healthy because... I would like to live to an active, ripe old age without the health problems associate with being out of shape / overweight / obese.
    I want to be active until the end of my life. I don't want to be old and setting around remembering the good times, I want to live the good times right up to the end of my time.

    Ditto on the sentiments expressed above and bravo!
  • justjack18
    justjack18 Posts: 720 Member
    I need all the energy I can get for my son!
  • troytroy11
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    I enjoy feeling healthy, it is fun, I would like to not only live longer but also live longer in a physically and mentally coherent condition, set an example for the younger people, make more responsible choices overall, replace the urge to do bad things such as drink too much or raise hell, be ready and prepared for anything, work harder and faster, feel youthful, not afraid to look in the mirror, be able to take care of others if needed, pretend I am young, not pass up a good time that requires physical fitness, and on and on and on.
  • lngrunert
    lngrunert Posts: 204 Member
    I just love the idea that I can do things at 44 years old that I couldn't do at 20. I weighed less back then, but my strength and stamina were nothing compared to the present day.
  • vfit10
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    I love it !! If I come back to life I would start early
  • katarina005
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    mlboyer100 wrote: »
    I have been sick, injured, had hip surgery and been wheelchair-bound off & on for two years. I NEVER want to be like that again! That is why I CHOOSE to get back into top physical shape (for my 67 years) and be healthy again! Life is too short to watch it go by from a sitting position. Staying active and eating healthy is my lifestyle by choice.

    WOW. you inspire me. Rock on!
  • katarina005
    katarina005 Posts: 259 Member
    because I don't want to look like what I eat, and tired of being out of shape..also it equates to your whole being. If you eat healthy, do healthy things it will impact the rest of your life in a powerful positive way
  • LovelyIvy466
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    Exercise makes me happy, cooking food that is healthy AND nutritious makes me feel accomplished, and I want to look awesome in shorts and a bikini.
  • Timshel_
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    I want longevity to see my kids grown, I am competitive in sports (tennis) and I keep working to try and improve performance. I want a quality life to remain active physically and mentally.

    I don't mind that it might help me look better overall.
  • itsmeGennie
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    I choose a healthy lifestyle because it makes me proud of myself which gives me confidence. That's it. Everything else is just toppings.
  • urloved33
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    I want to age well...strong. I would like to be around for my children...I just love them so much.
  • slucki01
    slucki01 Posts: 284 Member
    I would like to I want to be active and healthy until the end of my life.
  • chelsy0587
    chelsy0587 Posts: 441 Member
    Because I deserve it. Because my son deserves to be taught healthy choices...
  • Hearts_2015
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    rybo wrote: »
    Because it is the only one that makes sense

    ^ I feel the same

    also what vfit10 shared!
  • gonebeast
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    Becauase eating healthy day in and day out, exercising week in and out takes dedication, discipline and hardship. This builds my character for the future. I want to age well, feel good in older age and be a good example for my future kids, they deserve everything I didn't have
  • enterdanger
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    hehe. I'm so shallow. I want to look hot.

    I mean I do want to set a good example for my kids. But I want to look like my husband's trophy wife. Even if I'm older than him...