green tea... yay or nay?

Should i drink It even though I hate the taste


  • malibu927
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    If you don't like it, don't drink it. I'm not a fan of tea or coffee, so other than a very rare mocha I don't consume them.
  • Mafuezee
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    it tastes nasty
  • NobodyPutsAmyInTheCorner
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    I lurveeeee green tea. Oolong tea is lush too!
  • halima9811
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    I'll try that one thanks
  • NobodyPutsAmyInTheCorner
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    halima9811 wrote: »
    I'll try that one thanks

    Oolong is a lovely light tea. Doesn't have a strong taste and is quite soothing really.
  • halima9811
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    Heard drinking green tea 10-30 mins before a workout makes exercise more effective!!
  • DWolf99
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    I like the tea, It's good!
  • Chrysalid2014
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    I used to drink a cup of green tea at work every day believing it had health benefits. Then I read somewhere that you actually have to consume a large amount – something like a minimum of four cups a day – to achieve any health benefits. So if you're contemplating it solely for that reason you might actually want to look into the required quantities further before you suffer the flavour.
    Unless you actually like it, of course.
  • JessieLMay
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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with green tea. I like to sweeten it with stevia. It helps keep weight off and is a great source of natural energy. I am fully an advocate for green tea.
  • kgeyser
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    No, you shouldn't drink something you don't like. As for what you heard about drinking it before a workout, it was probably due to the caffeine in green tea. Some people think green tea raises metabolism slightly, but you'd have to drink multiple cups for that to happen. It's really not enough of a difference to put yourself through drinking something you hate.
  • KarinaGeneva
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    Green tea is REALLY healthful, for a lot of reasons. I've started drinking 3 cups a day, and I really enjoy it. I drink Tazo's Zen version (and a few other varieties). I agree that you shouldn't force yourself to drink something that you hate, but before you give up, try a few different versions, try it with a little honey or stevia, and/or try it with a squeeze of lemon. If you still don't like it, then put it aside and try it again in a year or so, and see if your tastes and opinion have changed. Good luck!
  • cheyenne_liddi
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    I love green tea. it is very cleansing and good for you. The taste can be bad at first, try matcha powder mixed with water and non-dairy milk to start for a low calorie drink that is a little sweeter than leaf green tea. I didn't like green tea at first but it grew on me. You can also sweeten it with honey, stevia or a little vanilla almond milk.
  • pollypocket1021
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    Green tea has no magical properties. If you don't like it, don't drink it. Drink something you do like instead.
  • halima9811
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    Thanks! I think I'll try other fat burning foods that I like (grapefruit?) :)
  • badgerbadger1
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    There are no fat burning foods. Only calories in vs calories out will make you lose weight.
  • earlnabby
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    halima9811 wrote: »
    Thanks! I think I'll try other fat burning foods that I like (grapefruit?) :)

    There are no fat burning foods. Eat less than you burn and you will lose weight.

  • faithsimmons526
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    halima9811 wrote: »
    Should i drink It even though I hate the taste

    Absolutely not.
  • lydiakitten
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    There is definitely no such thing as a "fat burning food" or a "miracle food", and a light green tea doesn't really have that much caffeine (not even close to black tea or coffee), so it's not really going to make that much of a difference before a work out when it comes to artificially boosting your energy (and frankly, it's not even a good idea to resort to that).

    However, how a specific food or ingredient affects your metabolism differs from person to person, and I have personally found that switching my tea habit (I drink some 3-4 cups a day) from black tea to green tea significantly boosted my metabolism and helped me sleep better and be less bloated. That's, however, just me.

    Anyway, even if you don't like green tea, there are several very nice and healthy infusions that have their own sets of benefits each. Peppermint is delightful and refreshing, nettle is yucky but very healthy, berry infusions cut my appetite, and a strong spiced hibiscus helps me fend off tiredness.
  • Naybelline
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    I drink twinings salted caramel green tea! it's lovely with a bit of honey :)
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    If you dont like it then dont drink it.

    Would its supporters please provide some back up as to why its of any relevance or significance in weight loss and make sure its from a decent source. All seems to be annecdotal.

    Whats wrong with eating a healthy balanced diet at a moderate calorific deficit, supplemented by exercise?