please explain Calorie Deficit to me??



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    ^ listen to this guy
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    Greek yogurt calorie dense? I am using it as a low cal high protein snack! 175g 100 cal 17g protein 0g fat, 6g carb (4 sugar)? I guess it depends on the brand!

    HIGH FAT Greek Yogurt. Which is delish by the way.

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    If you're not weighing your foods then you really don't know how many calories you're eating and any feedback from us is a shot in the dark. Are you losing too fast, more than 2 pounds per week? Weigh your food, track for a few weeks and adjust accordingly
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    One other suggestion I have is to post in the "introduce yourself" thread and accept friend requests. Add people who are sensible and knowledgeable, who can help you. It's much harder to do this alone, and when you have buddies there who are on the same page it makes the nuisance of logging food less of a chore.

    Then, as you come up with more questions, you can ask people who are already familiar with where you are in your process and those questions will be answered more efficiently.
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    Okay, so im new to counting calories etc. I attempted atkins diet 5 yrs ago and lost 44lbs where I felt great. A country move and return ended up in my gaining 20 of them back again in a year.
    My question is that my calorie goal on MFP is around 1360 but im finding it so tough to even actually consume that much. I find I still eat similar to atkins way of life and input it onto MFP app but its complaining at me im eating too few calories... I log EVERYTHING that passes my lips and even over compensate portions to make up.
    I exercise (biking and home work out) an hour a day . Im 5'9" with a large frame. All I want to do Iis get back down to 143lbs that I used to weigh... Im sitting at 163 currently.... anyone with any advice would be welcome...
    Thanks a lot did you get a goal of 1360 from MFP when you are 5'9"? That's absurdly low. I was on about that much at first, and I'm 3 inches shorter with a starting weight of about where your goal is. And, I'm no spring chicken. Did you ask for 2 pounds a week loss? That is WAY too high for someone with only 20 vanity pounds to lose.

    Like I said, I'm shorter than you and still losing even though I'm at 1500 per day.

    Oh, WAIT! ETA: I see you posted your BMR and TDEE....1360 is below your BMR. For most people, that is a BAD IDEA. Your TDEE-20% is about 1650. I'd recommend resetting your calorie goal to 1600 and setting your protein goal to whatever gets you 100-120g, lower carbs to make up, since you found low carb to be sustainable. (If it was a struggle to do low carb, I would say to take it in a more balanced fashion. I'm 40-30-30, for example, because that works best for me.)