Help me gain weight please!

Hi I'm 26 (m), I'm trying to gain weight but finding it really hard as I'm not a great cook. I way 143lbs and I go to to the gym 3 times a week and play football every Saturday so as you can see I'm quite active.
I try to eat porridge, wheatabix or eggs for breakfast with my protein. Then for lunch generally chicken (store bought pre cooked) and minute rice.
Evening meals whatever my partner is making generally pastas and then protein in the evening.
Does anyone have any recommendations on what things I can make or eat that are easy as i seem to be always in a rush and a lot of the time I'm skipping meals which is making my process harder


  • mikevandewetering
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    Penutbutter is your friend. And try to make time, try meal preping. You can also try to make your own weight gainer shake:
    30 grams of penutbutter
    30 grams of Whey
    1 banana
    100-150 grams of oats
    500 ml - 1000 ml of milk
    Put it all in the blender and enjoy (each shake is 1000 calories +)
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    Thanks mike will defiantly give it a go then
  • warrrn69
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    Make sure you are eating 1-1.5g of protein per lbs of your weight. eat 300-500cal above maintenance. If you are not putting on weight EAT MORE. follow these simple steps and I promise you will put on weight.