Game of Thrones

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Anyone a fan of Game of Thrones?


  • dereck2600
    dereck2600 Posts: 411 Member
    Who's your favorite character and why?
  • kinkyslinky16
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    I've never seen it, but I hear its like porn so that's cool. I do know there's a little person in it so I'll choose him.
  • augold86
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    Dany is a bonfide bad *kitten*, but It's have to say that Tyrion is my fave. He should be the ruler of the realm but with his stature that would never happen...
  • SophieKean90
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    Love it! so excited for tonight!

    Arya is my favourite, but have a little thing for Jon Snow!
  • mandymay01
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    Ive seen it a few times. So hard to focus on what they are saying with naked girls inbl the background
  • ladygusgoose
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    yes! But I actually prefer the books... My faves from the books are Arya, Jon, Bran, Davos, Stannis, Brienne, Dolorous Edd and Jaimie#2 (after he becomes a POV and we see him under a new light). Who do you like?
  • ronronronj
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    I've only read the books, but I would really like Martin to complete the series.
  • Kimberly_Harper
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    LOVE IT - the book and the show. Arya is my favorite...which probably means she's going to die lmao. I wish George would get off his butt and write the next book! They've already moved ahead in the show on a couple story lines that end with his last book.
  • jkwolly
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    Jon Snow