why are YOU losing weight?!

I'm losing weight to be more healthy and to look a-m-a-zing in a bikini

I was talking to a close friend of mine and she's losing weight because she feels like she can't "keep" a man with the body she has.. wrong reason?

what's yours?


  • arditarose
    arditarose Posts: 15,575 Member
    Aesthetics. And fine...health. Sure.
  • Camo_xxx
    Camo_xxx Posts: 1,112 Member
    Physics, health, visual effect.
  • evewatson526
    evewatson526 Posts: 2 Member
    Want to be able to buy nice clothes and look good. To be a healthy example to my daughter. To make my mum and my family proud of me. To have more energy, better skin and better sleep
  • lrenaee
    lrenaee Posts: 18 Member
    1. Because I'm getting married in a year and I want to feel awesome in my wedding dress!
    2. So that I don't have to buy all new jeans! They're to expensive ugh
  • uvi5
    uvi5 Posts: 710 Member
    Fit back in my original clothes, more room in my drawers and closet (my big "hide the chub" clothes take up a lot of space), have more energy (two months in and Pow! I'm loaded with energy), feel balanced, and so much more!
    Op, you'll be rockin' that bikini in a snap! :smiley:
  • lesliereloaded
    lesliereloaded Posts: 29 Member
    Get my belly button pierced, fit in to a size 00 again, and just over all health
  • MynameisJerryB
    MynameisJerryB Posts: 168 Member
    I no longer care about impressing anyone, just did it for health reasons and I didn't like what I saw in the mirror
  • rainbowbow
    rainbowbow Posts: 7,491 Member
    health, longevity, and vanity.
  • Sophiasmomma
    Sophiasmomma Posts: 155 Member
    pure vanity :)
    I was always thin and let myself go the past few years and I want to be that size again
  • Cortneyrenee04
    Cortneyrenee04 Posts: 1,117 Member
    To prove that it can be done and I'm not doomed to be overweight.

    To be hot(ter)

  • hhnkhl
    hhnkhl Posts: 231 Member
    Everyone around me is fit~
  • misskarne
    misskarne Posts: 1,767 Member
    For the sake of my hips, so that I may keep skating as long as possible.
  • Rockmaker
    Rockmaker Posts: 37 Member
    I'm just trying to get a leaner looking shadow.
  • LokiDokiArtichoki
    LokiDokiArtichoki Posts: 36 Member
    So I don't have to buy so much fabric for cosplays lol. Also, to look hot in my cosplays and to keep up with my skinny, fit and active bf.
  • SLLRunner
    SLLRunner Posts: 12,943 Member
    I lost weight because I wanted to feel better and not wake up in pain anymore. Now that I've been maintaining for over a year, I feel great.
  • ZiggySquish
    ZiggySquish Posts: 87 Member
    So I can fit back into my turnouts and be a bad *kitten*!
  • I want to look good.
  • Machka9
    Machka9 Posts: 21,791 Member
    Long distance cycling.

    When I first thread this title, I thought you were asking about the mechanics of losing weight. Why am I losing weight? I'm eating fewer calories than I burn. :)
  • Rocketqueeen
    Rocketqueeen Posts: 96 Member
    So I could wear a bathing suit this summer without wanting to run off the beach screaming.
  • Lounmoun
    Lounmoun Posts: 8,427 Member
    I deserve to live an active & healthy life. I am not happy when I can't keep up with others or am in pain/out of breath because of my weight. I do not want to spend my later years sick or stuck in a chair when I can do something about it. I'm sure I will look better and it will be easier to get clothes that fit.
    When I started I didn't realize I couldn't bend down to tie my shoe until one day I could do that. I didn't realize how tired I was all the time or how weak I was.