Almost a year and 120lbs lost into this fun adventure.



  • pinkiezoom
    pinkiezoom Posts: 409 Member
    WOW! you are amazing x
  • fatkidonadiet
    fatkidonadiet Posts: 45 Member
    Good work - you and I started at about the same weight and height! So I know there's a possibility for me to weigh less someday! LOL!!
  • jpkrueger
    jpkrueger Posts: 280 Member
    Absolutely incredible and inspirational. Congratulations!!!
  • kss1231
    kss1231 Posts: 167 Member
    Wow, you look great. Thanks for posting your stories and pictures, they truly do help those of us that have a lot to lose. Keep up the good work.
  • Colleens6677
    Colleens6677 Posts: 120 Member
    That is an awesome story!!! Good for you and keep going with your journey. Maintenance can almost be harder after losing all of the weight. My end goal date is 11/23/15. I hope I can say I am where you are by that date and can share such a great success story. Cheers to you!!!
  • lynder64
    lynder64 Posts: 285 Member
    Has anyone told you that you've got great legs? Oh... and smile :-) Wonderful transformation... you must be feeling pretty darn amazing!!! Great job!!!
  • Funship
    Funship Posts: 86 Member
    Incredible journey, thanks for sharing.
  • Idefinenichelle
    Idefinenichelle Posts: 116 Member
  • bowlerae
    bowlerae Posts: 555 Member
    Great thread, OP. Very inspirational and well done on your journey. I'd love to be your friend to further support each other and so I can steal ideas from your diary :smile:
  • jlmed
    jlmed Posts: 226 Member
    Great job!! Keep up the good work!
  • AshuhleeMarie
    AshuhleeMarie Posts: 86 Member
    AMAZING! I friended you. We have pretty much the same stats. Just turned 27, hoping I can have a success like yours! Thank you for posting; you've inspired myself, as well as others
  • bwade1998
    bwade1998 Posts: 12 Member
    Thank you for sharing! Inspiring!
  • Altagracia220
    Altagracia220 Posts: 876 Member
    Thanks so much for sharing your story. No doubt, you've just inspired tons of people. Great job!!!
  • Afura
    Afura Posts: 2,054 Member
    You're my hero today. :smiley: I'm running around the same weight as you, so I've got this journey to make, and it IS good to see people who did it without being crazy. I also think it's good that people see that you can be crazy with your food at times (dangit now I want Starbucks) and you can still succeed.
    The only question I have your gym schedule, did you start at that amount of gym time or did you work your way up to it? When I would go to the gym I went 4 days a week a few times but I was so exhausted the next few days I couldn't keep that up. :smile:
  • jamie_lee80
    jamie_lee80 Posts: 176 Member
    You look awesome!! I bet you are having a blast buying new cute clothes!
  • losingles
    losingles Posts: 147 Member
    Thank you for sharing your story and inspiring me. I still have 100+ pounds to lose, and seeing your success encourages me to keep fighting. You look great! :)
  • Randyamc
    Randyamc Posts: 365 Member
    Wow... just wow!
  • pam6870
    pam6870 Posts: 100 Member
    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing your inspiration!!
  • davemacdonald1
    davemacdonald1 Posts: 199 Member
    WOW! What a hottie!!!! Damn!
  • ginny92802
    ginny92802 Posts: 66 Member
    You look great!!!
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