Runners do you bring your own water to races or do you rely on getting it at the aide stations?

I ask because I am running my first half in August. The distance is not new to me but the race experience is. When I run 10-13 miles I don't stop or take any water. Due to the fact that the run will be in the middle of August and involves two hill climbs, I think I might need some water during the run.

I've seen pictures of people running with the vests or belts that hold your water or just simply running with a water bottle in hand. Neither of these options appeal to me...the vests/belts look uncomfortable and I don't like carrying anything in my hands while I run. There will be several aide stations on the course, however, the race's website encourages runners to bring their own water as well due to elevation and heat. I'm curious as to whether I'll really need my own water. Any thoughts or suggestions are greatly appreciated!


  • glevinso
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    I never carry water at supported races. I always get water on course. I like to carry my own gels for the long ones, but I never carry my own fluids.
  • csk0018
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    For my 1st half, I wore my FuelBelt and ended up giving it to my husband a little over halfway into the race because I didn't really need it with the water stops. For my 2nd, I didn't wear it and I thought the water stops were plenty during the race. I'm doing a 25K at the end of July -- I plan on having my belt with me because it's just going to be so hot, I don't want to rely on the water stops for my water. I guess it depends on the circumstances.
  • VanderTuig1976
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    Thanks, Glevinso!
  • Sirrunsalot75
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    It depends on the length of the race and the frequency of the aid stations. Any road race should have sufficient aid stations for fluids. I usually bring my own for trail races or ultras just because it gives me a little more confidence to have it on demand instead of trudging to the next drink of water.
  • Babygi6003
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    It depends on the frequency of the aid stations. I usually bring my camel back with me and drink from it in between stations when needed or if I am going for a PR and don't want to stop
  • Curtruns
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    On supported races, I run without water. On training runs and on the one unsupported race, I carried a hydration pack with approximately 40 oz of water.
  • ThickMcRunFast
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    Depends on the race, but usually for road events I go with aid stations.
  • Of_Monsters_and_Meat
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    If its too hot, I will bring my vest. Its a Nathan's hydradtion pack. I also stuff my gels and cell phone in it.
  • berescga
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    I drink lots of water so I always carry some with me, even for a race, so I can sip whenever I want. I have a couple of hand held water bottles with straps so I don't have to hold it tightly. And I use these when I train so I'm used to them. I hate the waist packs with water because I've never found one that didn't bounce around like crazy on me. I've never tried a vest/hydration pack before.
  • VanderTuig1976
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    This is all very helpful - thank you for the replies!!! Like I said in my original post, I don't tend to drink during a long run so I think I'll be okay relying solely on the water stations on the course:)
  • kkramey1970
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    I carried my own on the last marathon I ran. I won't do it again. It really isn't neccessary. All the races I've run had plenty of water/sport drink.
  • Mishy
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    I've done both. I prefer not having water stapped to me when I run because I feel off balance.
  • Dianardh
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    I don't take my own to races, because I don't want to carry it. You might be able to check out the course map, it should show where the water stations are :)
  • meritage4
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    OK my first 1/2 marathon I was not going to carry water. There were suitable aid stations.

    BUT it turned out to be 46 degrees (Celsius) So very hot. And unexpected-theplan by organizers was a cool evening run. NOT!
    Luckily my shorts had a pocket and I stuck in a bottle of water at the start. At the 1/2 way point I trade it for a full bottle. And I used the water stations.

    Since then I always throw on a water bottle belt.
    No biggie if you don't need it but a lifesaver if you do!
  • jcow84
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    It seems to me it's all about personal preference - definitely try using a fuel belt or whatever you think you might like before race day! Personally, when I run a half I like the belt with one bottle that sits on the small of my back, and has a small pocket for a gel or two. I don't find it that it bounces or anything if I have it tight, and it's easy to grab the water while still running.
  • brendak76
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    You should race however you train. If you don't train carrying water on you then definitely don't race that way.
  • glevinso
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    brendak76 wrote: »
    You should race however you train. If you don't train carrying water on you then definitely don't race that way.

    Sure, but the other way isn't necessary. I carry water when I train because there isn't going to be someone there to hand me a cup every 2 miles. At a race we get that luxury.
  • sistrsprkl
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    I do 1/2 marathons and just get water/sports drink on the course. While training, I use water fountains.
  • time4kim2014
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    I always have my fuel belt on for water as I drink a lot while running. On long runs I also bring Gatorade and fuel. At races I usually drink my water plus the water at the aid stations. Plus if it is super hot, I can use my water to dunk over my head!
  • Mr_Knight
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    Cooties! Always bring your own.