What do you think about when you workout?

I do exercise videos at home and workout in front of a full length mirror so can see what I'm doing. As I've lost weight I keep thinking about how good I look in the mirror while doing the moves and that my abs are coming along really good LOL


  • EatAllTheCake
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    I do videos at home right now as well, and all I can think about is "Is almost over yet?" Or "Wooo it's almost done!" :D
  • maasha81
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    Depends ...if I am lifting ...I ensure my form is correct and focus on the muscle being worked ...for cardio / HIIT workouts it varies from pushing through to that very last second to being happy it's over. Lol
  • AudioJen
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    I have been walking to Zombies, Run...between that and the music I am pretty entertained while I walk.
  • jenncornelsen
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    if im lifting then im in front of a huge mirror and try to imagine how much bigger my muscles are going to get. if im on the treadmill then im looking at the wall and basically staring at the time counting down. i really need a tv in my basement
  • usmcmp
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    I lift. When I'm working out I focus on muscle contraction and counting reps. I also mentally gauge rate of perceived exertion as well as form.

    When I do some cardio it's usually HIIT. I'm watching the clock and trying to sprint for as long as I can, then watching my end of sprint time so that my rest is only 60 seconds. Despite watching the clock the time goes quickly.
  • SueInAz
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    While lifting I'm either chatting with my lifting partner or concentrating on what I'm doing. While running I usually listen to Zombies, Run! but while my music is playing my mind wanders. Since I'm attending school online while working full time my mind often wanders around my school subject. This past Sunday I was composing the opening paragraph for my 20 page final paper.
  • SonyaCele
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    i play candy crush between sets
  • lilRicki
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    When I'm walking, I try not to think. I try and be present in the moment, take deep breaths and focus on the nature around me. When I'm in the gym, I focus on the task at hand, and my thoughts are usually "come on girl, you've got this" or "5 more minutes and you're done, keep pushing". I work out alone, so I have to be my own motivator lol
  • sy8s
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    How good I'm gonna look in a few months
  • bigorangemichael
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    I've got my playlists on my .mp3 player to keep me going while running. Swimming, it's often a song that gets stuck in my head that plays on an endless loop.

    Group fitness, it's either the music playing or paying attention to the instructor and making sure I'm doing the exercise correctly or so I won't cause injury to myself.
  • shadowfax_c11
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    I think about either trying to perform the technique properly without getting myself hit or else taking good ukemi so that my partner can learn and to keep myself safe while being thrown.
  • wizzybeth
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    I keep thinking ... soon it won't be torture anymore and then I'll have to crank it up to make it torturous again. Lol
  • snowflake954
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    While I'm swimming I'm usually planning what I'm going to make for lunch for the whole family--5 people total. My leftovers run through my mind, if there isn't enough there I have to figure out what to cook. I use it as my planning time. B)
  • DawnEmbers
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    Music, novel ideas, things for my blog, wanderings of things that could happen, sleep, food (especially when ending up using the cardio machines cause yay food network), random noticing of others in the gym, what I'm doing, novels, and maybe food some more. It varies.
  • wizzybeth
    wizzybeth Posts: 3,564 Member
    I keep thinking ... soon it won't be torture anymore and then I'll have to crank it up to make it torturous again. Lol
  • ninerbuff
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    I focus on form, muscle contraction, stable midsection and breathing. Unless I'm kickboxing. Then I think of Congress.

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    Been in fitness for 30 years and have studied kinesiology and nutrition

  • arditarose
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    If I'm doing cardio I'm usually thinking "Man...maybe I'll only do 10 minutes", or I day dream about being the singer of whatever song I'm listening to and everyone at the gym comes out to my concert and they're like "wow, I didn't know she was so talented".

    When I'm lifting I'm completely focused on form.
  • peterjens
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    Strength training thoughts are on form, focusing on muscles targeted and safety.
  • kzzr
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    When I'm doing cardio I think about what I would do if there was a Zombie Apocalypse, it keeps me moving lol
  • nossmf
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    My brain never shuts up, so one of the reasons I workout is to concentrate only on physical sensations of my body, not mental challenges or problems. It helps quiet my mind.