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    i can believe what i am seeing. Congrats to you!!! im proud of you and i dont even know you!!!!! you are proof positive that hard work and persistence pay off!!!!!!! :)
  • doriharvey
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    I love reading your post. Awesome testimonial and your pictures show an obvious love of life - yours and those whom are struggling like you did.
  • Lnature71
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    You are awesome! Congratulations on your success!
    Thanks for the inspiring post!
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    Very impressive!
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    You look very slick! Way to go.
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    What a great story! Very inspirational.
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    Very awesome, Thanks for sharing and you sir are amazing!! Great motivating thread ...
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    mart001 wrote: »

    Some people asked me how my maintenance is going. So far, so good. So far over 7 months and doing great.
    I was worried as I heard that it was worse than the actual losing, but so far for me, I have not found that to be true. I guess alot is because I really did not change much once I got to maintenance. I eat basically eat the same things, still log my foods thru mfp, still walk about the same. My dr and I decided that 152-155 pounds would be good, so I went to 150 pounds leaving me a few pounds to play with. So what I do now, is I am good until I get to 150, then I can have a reward by going to have a meal I like as a treat. So then if I gain a pound or 2, its no big deal as I am still in the range my Dr wants me, and then I am just good again until I get down to 150 again, then its time for my reward. I like doing it that way, being under my goal, maybe be a little bad, and gain some and am at my goal, instead of being at my goal, eat bad and go over, and have to lose to get back to it. I think alot of people feel, ok I reached my goal, and now I can eat whatever I want. Not true at least for me.

    That is why I am still on mfp. I know I need to stay accountable. I will not be one of those I see on here that get to their goal, and are back a year later having gained ithw21xgd4ailw.jpg
    all back, plus some.It's not that hard when you remember how you felt when you were at a higher weight both physically and emotionally. I think that has been the biggest thing for me, remembering the embarrassment and people laughing, that keeps me so strong now and using that to make sure I never feel that way again. I use to go to a pancake house prior to my diet maybe 3 times a week. The employees knew what I ordered as it never changed.
    In fact, when I walked in, they would just yell Marty is here, and the cooks would just make what I liked. I kept in touch with them on the phone or facebook and said I can not comeback until I get to my goal as much as I missed seeing them and loved the food. Well, a week ago after 20 months, I went back and actually being nervous. I walked in and again last seeing me at 282 pounds and a 48 waist, and now seeing me at 150 pounds and a 32 waist, they couldn't believe it. It was so nice to hear all the positive stuff. I ordered what I used to order, but the senior size, just a little smaller, and as expected gained a little the next day, but it was ok. I was under control, did not eat enough for like 3 people, and went right back on my usual controlled eating the next day looking forward to losing the little I gained so I can come back again next week. By the way, the food was just as good as I remembered... I was pretty much happy eating what I ate while losing, so really did not change much, but now I get to throw in an occasional treat, seems to make it easy. I never in my life thought I would hear, enough, you are getting to skinny, but have heard that from a bunch of people now. So yes, things were miserable when I started and it was not always easy, but if I did not take that step to begin, I never would have been where I am now. The best thing anyone did for me was to tell me about mfp, it really changed my life. Again, I started at 282 pounds 21 months ago, and am sure if I never toook that step to start, I have no doubt that today I would be well over 300 pounds, if alive at all, since I had 2 previous strokes and probably on my way to a 3rd. So whether you are getting close to your goal, 1/2 way there, or just beginning, stay strong. You can get there.
    To me, I just got to the point that I wanted to lose that pound the next day, more than I wanted that slice of pizza or cake. Here are a few before and after picture, with the suit being taken today although not as clear as I would of liked, but it does the job....



    Feel free to add me as a friend!!!!

    Congrats and way to go!
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    You are such an inspiration!! I'm one of those people that lost all my weight and then gained it all back...and back again to lose it all. Ha! You look Marvelous!
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    Congratulations on your transformative weight loss and your ongoing maintenance. Bravo!
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    Great job!!!
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    Great job!!! That was a very touching story. Thanks for the inspiration!
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