Slow & Steady: Close to Goal Weight Friends?



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    Thanks @jojoeastcoast, I think I was always going to get better-so its not as dramatic as it sounds-it just took time and patience-but yeah I agree, a great accomplishment to get to 10,000 steps! I do find the Fitbit really motivating actually, I started out being curious, and now I like to take myself for a walk at lunch so I can see the steps increase! I used a pedometer for a while last year too, but I like the Fitbit better.
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    hi all! i think slow and steady is so great! you are really able to learn what works best for you!
    5'6"; 42 yo; desk job; sw: 185ish; cw: 129; just started maintenance. i love to cook (and eat) and don't really like to exercise, but my fitbit tells me i usually go 12-15k or so steps a day and i try to zumba a couple times a week. feel free to add me! i love hearing everyone's stories - i think we all have something relevant to bring to the table!
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    Happy Monday all!

    @00figg that is a lot of steps for someone with a desk job -- way to go!

    I'm feeling a little discouraged, only because I find the weekends so hard to stay on track... When following a small deficit, it doesn't take much to undo it!

    But today is a new day and I will get back on track! A year from now I will look back and be so glad I did!
  • 00figg
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    some days, it's not easy...but i try to get some steps in before i get to the office and i get up and move around during the not only adds steps, it also clears my mind! if i can, i will eat my lunch at my desk, then take a walk during my break.

    i agree about the small deficit...accuracy is so important and so is diligence!
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    Can I join too? I had a major horse injury in 2008 (left side of my body crushed, needed surgery, years of PT, retraining, etc) where I gained a lot of weight.

    My stats:
    5'5", 27, high stress job
    SW: 150
    GW: 130?
    Weight before accident: 125lbs (I had no butt or tone though)

    I'm active (horseback riding 5x per week, weight lifting 2x, walking most every day), and eat well, but when I have a rough day at work (which is often, I handle health and safety for twenty major construction projects--love it, but there is at least one major issue a week), I binge eat. I'm so close, yet so stinking far :blush:
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    Hi, I was basically in maintenance mode until I went a little crazy at the beginning of the year and now I'm back to behaving and logging. You have the right idea, slow and steady. That's exactly how I approached my weight loss when I joined over two years ago. I will say though that you should never tell yourself that you're not the right build to be skinny....that's just one of those excuses we tell ourselves so we won't be aggressive with our goals. I did exactly the same thing! I'm big boned so I'll never be xxx weight. Here are my current stats

    My stats:
    5'5", 44, desk job
    SW: 182
    CW: 138
    GW: 129 (I think)

    I NEVER thought I could get under 150, so when I hit 149 I said, what the heck, lets go for 139. I hadn't seen that weight since my first child was born 20 years ago! Low and behold, I hit 139 so I reset my goal to 129....which I've really struggled to get to and have yet to achieve it. I very briefly saw 130-131 but then lost motivation and stopped logging and now I'm up to 138. (maybe more, I was away on Friday so didn't weigh in...and ate and drank a lot on the weekend!) So I'm back, I'm aiming to tackle that 129 goal. I haven't been that weight since Highschool!!
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    @lavaughan69 I get what you are saying about excuses! I feel the same way about my first goal of 145 -- once I hit it I won't stop, I'll see if I can get to 140... and so on... Even in my most athletic high school days I was still around 135 lbs (mind you I did NOT diet, but I did exercise a lot -- I had VERY strong legs from skating, lifting and use of the stairclimber!), but maybe I can get there again!

    @scg17 Welcome!!! You literally got back on the horse, didn't you?!? (You've heard that one before I'm sure!) That is so impressive!

    Last summer I saw a cousin who I noticed lost a lot of weight. She said that it finally clicked for her that SHE was in charge of the food that went in her mouth -- if her husband and sons wanted junky food, it did not mean she had to eat it. And she stopped feeling guilty for making herself a different meal from them. She wasn't responsible for changing their eating habits, but she was responsible for hers... That just REALLY made sense for me. I struggle with the same thing, especially as my husband cooks dinner most nights (which is a blessing, I know!). For example, tonight he's making chili but he'll serve it over macaroni... well, I don't NEED that darn macaroni (or a cookie afterwards!)! But the chili will be great!

    Looking forward to a great week all!
  • lavaughan69
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    You have a great attitude and I think you're going to do great! I do basically the same thing. If I make a stir fry the rest of the family will put it over rice, I'll just eat the stir fry without it. Save a lot of calories. And I do spaghetti squash instead of noodles when we have spaghetti night. Just small adjustments. I still have the garlic bread though! I'd rather sacrifice pasta for's all about making choices so you can still have the things you enjoy most in life.

    When I started out I decided to find a way to reduce my calories while still incorporating the foods I know I will I will never be able to give up. Alcohol, steak, bread etc. It means sacrificing in other areas where it means less to me, like pasta, rice and potatoes. But that's what works for me. Everyone has their own list of things that they can't live without!

  • jetortola
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    Hi all -- just coming back to this to remind myself that my progress is SLOW and STEADY, and not to be discouraged when I see others drop weight more quickly.

    Six weeks into my 8-week workout program and I'm down 4 lbs... with my calories are set at 0.5 lbs/week (and I'm often over), I really can't complain... but sometimes its discouraging that the difference isn't noticeable (to others) by now.. Mind you, I can notice a difference, and my clothes are fitting well. And I really should be able to hit my goal (5 more lbs to go) by July 1st, even at this slow rate, so that's what I'm working for!

    Anyone care to comment on how they are doing??
  • arkowalyshyn
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    Not wonderful here. Same weight for about a month, up a little now (hopefully water retention!). Getting frustrated but know I'm eating well and exercising. June was/is my "goal" time line. I'll just keep plodding along. Anyone have anything to add about busting through these last few lbs?