Good morning. I am 46 and struggling with weight gain....would love to hear how you made change happen.


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    I made change happen by demanding a full thyroid panel be done. After that happened they adjusted my medication and with just some calorie cutting it came off.
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    I found out 3 years ago that I have Hashimoto disease. I was put on Synthroid and it took a few months of having the dosage adjusted until my numbers were good. I now feel "normal" again. I'm also losing weight again which I couldn't do before we found that my thyroid was not working at all.
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    I have had a dead thyroid for years now. When I was first treated for hyperactive thyroid with the radioactive iodine they put me on 75 mcg and I would need to get my blood tested every year to check the TSH levels. I kept being told I was "fine" even though after a year or so I didn't feel fine at all. I had weight gain, I had no energy and just felt blah. I looked up what the "normal" levels were and asked to know my actual numbers, and I was on the high end of "fine". I asked if I could get my levothyroxine upped until my numbers were lower- because I feel better when I'm down to 1 and it worked. Now I'm not saying that weight loss is not slow- it is very slow but it is possible. And don't let them tell you you're fine if you take synthetic hormone. Educate yourself and demand to know what your numbers are. I find it intellectually insulting that they just think I will blindly believe them when they say "fine"- you know your body better than anyone else and fine for one person isn't necessary fine for another. They assume I won't know what the numbers mean- smh.
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    Good morning. I am 46 and struggling with weight gain....would love to hear how you made change happen.

    If you have honestly been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism and are taking your medication and still gaining weight, you need to cut your calories back. Hypothyroidism at most can cause a 20lb weight gain while sticking to your standard diet. Cut back by 100 or so cals a day and you should get back to normal weight.

    Also saying that "my thyroid wasn't working at all" or "my thyroid was dead" is extremely misleading. If that was the case you would be dead, and I'm dead serious.

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    Thank I am on meds, but diet probably to blame as well
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    I am also 46 and gaining weight. I have just recently been put on Levothyroxine. Now I have more energy and feel better,but have not been able to lose any weight. UGH!! I am 5'6 almost 5'7 and weigh 180 and going up!! It is so hard to stay motivated like this!
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    I like prescription natural thyroid meds, Armour or NatureThroid. You may or may not feel better on a synthetic T4 med like Synthroid or Levoxyl, I did depends how well you can convert T4 (what the synthetic meds are) to active form of thyroid hormone T3. I could not (well enough), so it floated around in my blood and my TSH tests were fine but I actually felt like garbage and could hardly function. I tried a combo T4/T3 synthetic med and that was good but I still like natural better, which also has T2 and that ties into APO. Anyway, if your meds work for you, great, eat less and move more. If you don't really feel 100%, if you still have symptoms, get more than the TSH checked, get a full panel, find out if your body is actually converting that hormone and using it, things like free T3/T4, antibodies can also tell you if you have Hashimotos, 85% of hypothyroid is Hashimotos (autoimmune) but most don't realize they even have that, they just get the TSH and a pill...not knocking it if it works for you, but if not, be proactive. I started lifting heavy weights about a year ago, it has done wonders for me, and I intend to keep doing it, I was 52 when I started, 53 now.
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    I am on Armour thyroid, Levothyroxine, and liothyronine. I found an endo that let me basically play with all my doses until I felt right. Doing much better now but still low energy at times. I don't think my thyroid ever prevented my weight loss.