Why am I so heavy?



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    I am a US size 4, 161 lbs at 5'0" tall. Try to picture that for a second lol. Everyone is different! I have a lot of muscle and higher than average bone density (medically confirmed) and I am cool with it. I'm still loosing but I know that my goal weight might be lighter than what will look good on me, and I don't care if I wind up maintaining with a higher weight. When you go out and about people don't ask you how much you weigh, they just see how you look. Your weight comes into play basically only at the doctors office unless you go around telling everyone you know, which I don't.
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    randomtai wrote: »

    I've been saying that a lot lately....
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    You're denser than your friends. That's why.

    I was thinking the same thing!

    OP what does it matter? Do you walk around with a flashing neon sign above your head showing your weight?
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    You're denser than your friends. That's why.

    Best. Comeback. Ever.

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    You cannot compare yourself to your friends, as others have stated everyone is different. Also, if you have more muscle than they do, despite being the same size, you will weigh more. At my most fit I was 160lb and a US size 8. It can be deceiving, you just have to be happy with the way you feel.
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    really, really????
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    if you are happy with your body shape, then why are you comparing yourself to others and wonder why they are smaller?????
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    One of my daughters is 5'6" and 140 and solid muscle. She looks tiny to the point people always think she's underweight and like 5'0" - she went to give blood and they wouldn't let her until she could prove she weighed more than 100lbs. We'll just say there were some very shocked people that day - a doctor and nurses amongst them. Every day people don't believe her either until they see her wearing something that shows her legs and/or arms.

    Muscle looks better than fat and who cares what it weighs.
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    At my smallest a couple of years ago i was a size 10 5'5 and 143lbs, Im big boned though so will always weigh heavier then my frien who is 5'7 125lbs and has a much smaller ribcage and hip bones than me.

    I honestly dont care though, I dont care what I weigh, i care about how i look and as long as im happy with how i look when i get to my goal size (a uk 10) i couldnt care less how heavy I am - neither should you.......
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    If your friends give you crap about weighing heavier, even though you're at a healthy weight and happy with your body... umm... stop telling them how much you weigh.

    The muscle thing is that you can have the exact same measurements as someone who has a higher fat:muscle ratio and you will weigh more as, by volume, a square inch of muscle will weigh more than a square inch of fat. Exhibit A:


    ^^This picture all day. I'm of similar height and weight, and wore a BIGGER size at a lower weight in my young adult years. But...I'm leaner now--strength training changed my body composition (less fat, more muscle). That's a win in my book. Take it as a great accomplishment for yourself, too!
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    Maybe you're a black hole.
    Maybe you're a robot in a skin suit.
    Maybe your hair is made of lead.
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    No can see the number on the scale but you; everyone can see how you look. The time in my life when I wore the smallest size clothing was also when I weighed the most, because I was a heavy-lifting fool and I was smokin' hot.

    Look at this picture (all of the same woman) and pick the body you want: light on the left, lean (but heavier) on the right.

    <iframe width="480" height="360" src="http://s1301.photobucket.com/user/evileen99/embed/story"></iframe&gt;
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    PeachyPlum wrote: »
    You're denser than your friends. That's why.

    True on multiple levels. :|

    Trolling for compliments much?

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    I'm heavier than I look also. Must be a "Burgess" thing.
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    I'm 5'7" and weigh 143lbs (65kg) which I know isn't overweight as a size 8 (UK) that's all that should matter. But I'm the heaviest of all my friends and smaller than some, I do strength training 4 times a week and I am toned.
    OP, you're similar to my Sister (who is around your height and weight).
    She's a UK 8-10 and is quite muscular and toned.
    It's definitely because of your Muscle.
    Who cares if you're heavier than your friends...just be thankful you have a healthy body! ;)
    Just to add, your friends may be "small framed" - which could also explain why they are lighter.
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    PeachyPlum wrote: »
    You're denser than your friends. That's why.

    I just spat my tea out onto my screen....
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    You must be heavy boned.
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    I'm in the same situation with my friends. It's because they're not heavy, they're my bruthas.
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    This is a bit off topic but since OP has had her question answered . . .

    Is it common to know what your friends weigh? I know what sizes my friends are but I have no idea what they weigh. Am I doing friendship wrong?