What made you pick your goal weight?



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    TiffanyR71 wrote: »
    At 5'4" with a large frame, I just want to be within a healthy BMI - that's 145. It's also a weight I've been before, and looked/felt good.

    Me too. Although anything less than what I am now would also be good.
  • MacMomma2013
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    I originally chose mine to coincide with the highest part of my "normal" range for my BMI. When I got to that level I thought I had more to lose, so I changed it.
  • Meganthedogmom
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    I chose my goal weight because it's a healthy/normal BMI.
  • csofled
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    I just want to get to a weight I feel comfortable at. I feel that dealing with menopause, aging & depression medications puts me in a position of just seeing where this journey takes me. I am 56yo, 5'3" and currently 189.2lbs having lost 9lbs thus far. At first I was going by what the BMI indicated at the healthy weight range of 140lbs. The weight loss has been at a steady 1lb per week. I am eating at 1300 cals. doing beginners strength training 3 days a week and walking the dog 2 times a day at about 20mins. each. I am striving to get out of large shirts and 16 size pants at this point!
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    I have no goal weight. I have a goal reflection in the mirror.
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    Was it by choosing a particular BMI, or a weight you've been in the past which you felt good at?

    Or did you choose a weight to see how you felt when you reached it, and then decide if you wanted to lose anymore?

    All of those.
    I originally chose a goal that was at the very top of the healthy BMI for my height. I thought that when I got there I would see how I felt. I'm about 10 pounds away from that and recently changed my goal to the middle healthy BMI for my height. I have been that weight in the past and felt pretty good there. I don't want to go lower than that.
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    I was 118 lbs when I met my husband and felt best about myself then (I was working full time as a model). I picked 120 since I work out a lot more than I did then. I also plugged in my height and age just to see what the 'experts' say. I am 5'3" and 35 years old. I am currently hovering around 122-125.

    Based on the Robinson formula (1983), your ideal weight is 119.3 lbs
    Based on the Miller formula (1983), your ideal weight is 126.1 lbs
    Based on the Devine formula (1974), your ideal weight is 115.5 lbs
    Based on the Hamwi formula (1964), your ideal weight is 114.9 lbs
    Based on the healthy BMI recommendation, your recommended weight is 104.4 lbs - 141.1 lbs
  • _whatsherface
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    I started out at 318 and am currently 242. I picked 2 goal weights. 1 being 220, which would give me about 100 lbs lost and my ultimate goal is 200. I just like how 200 lbs looks on someone my height. I'm a heavier set girl and always will be. I have no desire to be thin, but I do desire to be healthy. (Even though I was at 318 I'd like to stay that way) but who knows that can change the closer I get.
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    I just picked 140 because that's the weight that I am a pant size 4/6 (depending on brand). My low weight was 135 and I was still a little pudgy for my liking. My ultimate goal will probably be around 115, but we will see how I feel.
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    145 was the weight WW gave me when I joined 4.5 years ago weighing 167. It's right in the middle of my healthy range. I personally prefer to be around 140 as I have a small frame and tend to store fat in my abdomen and face. I'm a bit of a yo- yo-er but I never get too overweight, just tend to constantly be messing with the same 10-15 pounds.
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    I chose my goal weight based on how I remember looking/feeling the last time I was at that weight. That being said, I do a considerable amount of weight training now compared to what I used to do then so its possible that I will have a heavier weight but be comfortable with the way my body feels before the goal weight. I just focus on being healthier/happier/working toward the kind of body I'd be proud of.
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    i picked a clothing size that looked/sounded reasonable to me for my age and lifestyle. i am now at that size and the next size smaller and feel okay. i am still a work in progress though. now that i have the 55 pounds off, i am working on my fitness. :smile:
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    I was 135 in college before I had my first son... I'm starting to think that's not a healthy weight for me though...
  • kclay1021
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    I was 135 in college before I had my first son... I'm starting to think that's not a healthy weight for me though...

    Its all about adapting and figuring out what works for you. Maybe you end up feeling good at a higher weight than that? You look great in your profile picture by the way! What a beautiful baby!
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    kclay1021 wrote: »
    I was 135 in college before I had my first son... I'm starting to think that's not a healthy weight for me though...

    Its all about adapting and figuring out what works for you. Maybe you end up feeling good at a higher weight than that? You look great in your profile picture by the way! What a beautiful baby!

    AGreed....a little weight gain with age can be healthy and natural.....if you feel better weighing more than you did as a college student, let your body stay there!
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    Well, i break mine down into more manageable ones, just so it doesn't seem so daunting ;)

    Mini goals aside (which is what i use my ticker for) - my first 'true' goal is 150 pounds (which is 100 pounds off where i started). I selected that one because the last time i weighed that was before i had my first born (who is almost 17 now LOL) and (in hindsight) i looked cute at that size. I think beyond that will depend on how I am feeling. *Ideally* I *think* I would like to be around 120ish, but that's so far off in the future it's not really on my radar.

    one step at a time. Every pound lost is a victory in itself :)
  • Jiggle_all_the_way
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    I picked a desired clothing size. When I got to that, I stopped losing weight. (OK, gained some back...)But I was surprised that the clothing size I chose was about 10 pounds higher than what I estimated. I'm very tall.
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    I have had many goals and constantly revised them. I am 5'1"

    I started at a size 12 and 162lb so my long-term goal then was a size 6, whatever weight that was. I was guessing 125. I thought this would make me similar to my college weight.

    However I didn't account for vanity sizing and a 6 is bigger now than it was in 1998 =/ So I reached a 6 but I was still unsatisfied with my body and I was still outside the healthy BMI range. So when I got to the 6, at about 135 pounds, I decided to go further. My next goal was 125.

    I did reach 125 and was at the in the healthy BMI range, but toward the top. At this point I decided that I could reasonably maintain 115 which is right in the recommended perfect weight range for my height.

    I am now 114.5, BMI 21.4 and have decided on 112 as my final weight for a completely arbitrary reason... that would be exactly 50 pounds lost. I know, totally arbitrary...
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    I chose a weight I think I can maintain. it is above the high end of my BMI... but nearly 35 pounds from my starting weight. Almost 20 years ago I was down to the high end of my BMI, was working out 5 days a week and eating 1200 cals. Per day. I couldn't maintain. Like I said, that was 20 years ....and a knee replacement ago. I'm never going to wear a bikini again...I just want clothes to fit and be comfortable.
  • ibamosaserreinas
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    I've changed my goal weight several times... I have been overweight since about sixth grade so when I started I didn't even know what to make my goal weight. Healthy BMI seemed so unattainable since I had never been there before...

    My first goal was just getting under 200, then 190, now I am excited to get under 180 and be categorized as "overweight" instead of "obese".

    Since I just don't know what I will look like I chose 140 because it is in the middle of my healthy BMI range. When I get there I might lower it. (I'm 5'5".)