celiac dieter

Hi I'm nikki and ready to lose weight. I'm celiac I find it hard to know what to eat to lose weight, free from food are high in sugars and fat. Any tips would be grateful


  • thegreatcanook
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    Celiac is tough. You can add me for support.
  • MindySm
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    I went gf due to migraines (gf already so too late to test-migraines were gone, didn't want them back) then found out my father has celiac....I also found out, from hives and itchy mouth, that I have a wheat allergy!

    I can give ideas! Add me! ;)
  • mistygashgoers
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    I have gluten allergy and find it so hard to diet. Tips please. Add me.
  • ndegravelles
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    Hi everyone! I have Celiac too and I'm in the same boat as you all, add me if you want so we can help each other out haha
  • bbontheb
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    Hi, I'm not celiac but I have to be on a fodmap diet (no wheat, among lots of other things) due to severe ibs/gerd and tummy issues. It's restrictive for some things, but the gluten-free aspect is hard. It's actually not the gluten but the wheat that I can't have. Would love more friends that understand how difficult it can be, to eat out, recipes, etc :) Anyone can add me!
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    Stop relying on free-from foods and start eating more natural foods (meat/veg/fruit/dairy etc etc)

    Free-from foods are often worse than the "real thing".

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    There is a great gluten free group on here. I stick to mainly home made items which helps alot.