need friends with open diaries

apeck496 Posts: 34 Member
I'd love to have some friends on here who have their food diaries visible! Or friends who don't, but I just want some more friends on here to be motivated with!


  • SolitudesMuse
    SolitudesMuse Posts: 67 Member
    My food diary is open, and anyone is welcome to add me. FR sent to OP. :)
  • bulbadoof
    bulbadoof Posts: 1,058 Member
    my diary is open. anyone can feel free to add me.
  • 00figg
    00figg Posts: 111 Member
    my diary is open to friends. anyone is welcome to add me. :smile:
  • shadowfax_c11
    shadowfax_c11 Posts: 1,942 Member
    Mine is open. New friends who are serious about their weight loss are always welcome. :)
  • emmit643
    emmit643 Posts: 12 Member
    I thought mine was open, but then I realized it was not :/

    now i've changed the settings and I believe it is open to friends. Feel free to add me anyone :)
  • alyci
    alyci Posts: 50 Member
    I keep my diary open and anyone can add me.
  • fr3smyl
    fr3smyl Posts: 1,418 Member
    My diary is open for viewing!
  • gonnasnap
    gonnasnap Posts: 146 Member
    My diary is wide open and there is usually bacon found in it.
  • StereophoneyGaz
    StereophoneyGaz Posts: 406 Member
    Open feel free to add :)
  • IIG700
    IIG700 Posts: 20 Member
    My diary is open...
  • onlyadrizzle
    onlyadrizzle Posts: 60 Member
    Mine is open! Feel free to add me!
  • Presleykay22
    Presleykay22 Posts: 2,446 Member
    Mine is open feel free to add me.
  • Rob_in_MI
    Rob_in_MI Posts: 393 Member
    Mine is open and you can add me. I wouldn't take too much from my diary though, its less than healthy on some days.
  • rubyosburn
    rubyosburn Posts: 119 Member
    My diary is open, please feel free to add me :)
  • spiralated
    spiralated Posts: 150 Member
    mine is open.
  • cotinara
    cotinara Posts: 8 Member
    Same feel free to add me :)
  • shlobiwan
    shlobiwan Posts: 109 Member
    My diary is open. Anyone is welcome, but you get bonus points for being sarcastic, entertaining peeps.
  • JohnBarth
    JohnBarth Posts: 672 Member
    Open diary. ~2200-2300 calories/day Please feel free to add me.
  • ilovecheesygrits
    ilovecheesygrits Posts: 2 Member
    My dairy is open. I am not new to this, but I am starting over with it so it feels new. I was in tip top shape 3 years ago during my husbands final deployment. Then he came home... He retired from 20 years in the Navy and I lost my motivation. I need to find it again!!!! <3
  • BraveWingsSheFlies
    BraveWingsSheFlies Posts: 23 Member
    Add me. Diary is open.